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C13P41 Bone Matron

C13P41 Bone Matron published on 4 Comments on C13P41 Bone Matron

Readers, meet Bone Matron.  Or at least, a hostess of Bone Matron and the goddess-who-will-henceforth-be-called-Bone-Matron.

We’ve seen those ethereal webs every time Kali has gotten a prophetic image in the past.  And probably some other places too, that I’m forgetting about.  She hangs out in the edges of things sometimes.

Short blog today.  Today marks the first day of a one-week comic tutoring “camp” I’ve been hired by a local family for.  I’m excited to pass on my excitement and knowledge to another passionate comic kid.  Which means I need to gather up my materials and head out the door very soon.  Wish me luck!


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