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C13P37 Choke on it

C13P37 Choke on it published on 8 Comments on C13P37 Choke on it

I get the feeling that this guy would feel a lot better if he joined the theater club, or wrote some poetry, or something.  He’s definitely got a flair for the dramatic.

I ran a 7th Sea RP this weekend, and I want to tell you about it, but I am exhausted and my depression is dragging me down accordingly.  I feel very useless, worthless, pointless, and just a general pathetic waste of flesh and breath lately.  So I’m going to keep this short, go take a shower, and make an early night of it.  I will endeavor to share the adventure I wrote for my swash-bucklers next update.

Take care of yourselves.


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

ALL OF THE HUGS, ROBIN. You’re a wonderful human, and these nasty feelings will pass. Try and take care of yourself. You deserve it.

So… he’s been taking tips from Hans, eh? I for one am all for another plunge into the depths of symbolic dreams via nightmare monster. Especially since this one is even more disturbing than the one from Shades of Gray. (Now I just want to reread Shades of Gray.)

I think you’ve got a typo here – “That is not MY name”, not “That is not MT name”.

Love your webcomic, love all the thought and philosophy you put into both the author comments and the pages themselves. You’ve got a great grasp on characters and their growth and development, and I really dig the worldbuilding – you put enough detail in so that it’s obviously different from our own world in intriguing ways, but not so much that the readers drown in it. Looking forward to reading more!

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