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C13P36 – Inside Out

C13P36 – Inside Out published on 16 Comments on C13P36 – Inside Out

Well hello there big fella.  Where have we seen you before?

Today I finished my biggest embroidery project yet!  In keeping with my Pickles theme, I made it a Picklespalooza celebration of trying new things and making mistakes.  It’s my personal headcannon that Pickles is a pretty accomplished bird.  True, Pickles has a thoroughly rotten memory and can’t be relied upon to remember to bring things like snacks or flags or rings, BUT…Pickles was still chosen for the job in the first place.  Which means that outside of the memory issues, Pickles must be a pretty great companion.  Part of the Fellowship, Best Man, Astronaut…I mean, you don’t get those positions without having a pretty impressive resume.  Pickles might not be good at memory…but that doesn’t make Pickles worthless.  Just imperfect.  And that’s okay.  The imperfect can still lead pretty exciting and wonderful lives.

In case my stitching on the words isn’t legible, the quote is from Albert Einstein and reads “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

Speaking of trying new things, I learned three new stitches for this project.  One of which I ripped out because I hated how it looked (feather stitch.  Blech.) but the point is I learned something new.  The other two new stitches were the lazy daisy (the flower like ornaments at the corners) and the feather chain stitch (the purple border).  You can see where I started with the feather chain stitch (left side) and how I got better at doing it as I went around the sides.  Everything becomes more even.  I thought about redoing the left side, but felt that it was more in keeping with the spirit of the piece.  The other four stitches in this piece are the satin stitch (filling in blocks of color), the stem stitch (outlines and letters), the chain stitch (pink border and whites of the eyeballs), and french knots (the light in Pickles’ eyes and the little bits of colors in the flower centers).

I’m especially proud of the detail work on LOTR Pickles.  The brooch on the cloak has little leaf veins, which you can see on the close-up:

Overall, I’m really happy with how it turned out!  I think my next piece will be either tea themed or DS9 themed.  WAIT.  Wait wait wait…OR BOTH?!  Augh, I could do one that features each person’s favorite beverage!  #DrinkSpaceNine  Tarkalean tea for Bashir, Raktajino for The Sisko, Coffee (Jamaican Blend, Double Hot, Double Sweet) for O’Brien…I think Garak is a fan of Red Leaf Tea?  Root beer for Nog, obviously.  (Shush I’m a nerd let me have this).  Anyway.

What’s one new thing you’ve learned or tried recently?


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The Pickles are so cute! I can relate to your little geek-out about the drinks too, I do things like that and then my boyfriend calls me a cute nerd so it works out.

Depending on what you consider ‘recent’ I have been delving into watercolor <3 I have been rather enjoying it and got some fancy new supplies last week but haven't had time to use them yet. I really like layering and building up the color, sometimes adding a glazing wash can really change everything in a pretty magical way. I have experimented with ink outlines in pen, masking fluid (smelly), and also using a bottle and brush to ink outlines (also found out the masking fluid reactivated my bottled ink and made a mess).

Last week I got a brush-tip pen to perhaps bridge my skill between pen and brush for outlines, some nicer watercolor paper, a new brush shape, a watercolor sketchbook for travelling with (coming soon-waterbrush and vivia colorsheets for minimal travel art), and my first two colors of tube watercolors instead of pans (in new colors of course- paine's grey and thalo blue). The more I watercolor the more I like it. I REALLY miss my tablet and doing digital art but this may be my new fave traditional media. I love the cool effects you can get with watercolor- I often did hazy background stuff in my digital work and the 'special effects' of watercolor have made it popular for fantasy artists for a long time and I totally see why.

=D I LOVE YOUR EMBROIDERIES! Pickles is adorable, and yes I can see the veins on the leaf!

Also OH SHIT DREAM EATER. They’d better RUN. Poor floofiebutts, too!


The worst part about this is seeing real Dream Eater in the middle. Now where is the Rainbow Goddess when you need her? We could really do with some interpretive dance right now.

Also, OMG that’s so cute! Pickles is the best thing.

And I got my commission, and it is the BEST THING. I just have to figure out where to hang it up because my wall is already full of your art, lol.

I had so much fun working on your commission. It was such a light-hearted scene. I was torn between the aftermath and picturing the middle of the EPIC BRAWL pillow fight, but ultimately decided on the aftermath because I thought it was funnier to imagine how everything ended up as it did.

Okay, I officially squeeeed at your embroidery, too cute! Unfortunately, the new thing I tried lately was my first outside stitches, and not the pretty kind, in some fingers. I have been a klutz this month. First it was five in my right thumb, nail in the wall I didn’t see and I was bagging trash. A week later in was eleven in my left index finger, chopping at frozen meat with a very sharp knife and not paying attention. I do not think I will be trying this again. At least I have plenty of vinyl/latex gloves to wear, and I will leave you to guess how awkward that is. This is not to mention the scrape on my left shin and right hand. It has been a long month already.

Ouch!! It sounds like you’ve had a hazardous month. I hope those stitches heal quickly and cleanly! I’ve had times like that too, where it seemed like things just all were going wrong. One week, I had three different household objects shatter in my hand (a spoon, a mug, and a bowl) as soon as I touched them. I started getting paranoid about touching anything after that.

Your most recent embroidery looks great!!! And it is impressively legible for such tiny font!

I’ve been getting to do a lot of crafty stuff lately. I took a backstrap weaving class a few weeks ago, and have been trying to get through all the warps the teacher sent us home with. And, I took a blacksmithing class today (I’d taken one before… about 5 years ago), though this time I made something different, which required more skills than last time.

Oof – I hope they can help dream eater. Living inside a monster version of yourself is so … awful.

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