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C13P34 – Other Plans

C13P34 – Other Plans published on 6 Comments on C13P34 – Other Plans

Seems we’re not done with the ominous rumbling.  I’m sure it’s fine.  Dream Eater probably just has indigestion.

Some of you have been wondering about the Rainbow Goddess’ form as depicted in Dream Eater’s statue.  At this time, I’d like to direct you to this particular image, which has been a poster available for purchase in the online store since…like, forever ago:

More evidence that I plan this stuff way too far in advance.

Work on commissions continues!  Here’s the latest one that I’ll be putting in the mail tomorrow.  The aftermath of an epic tipsy Easter-themed pillow fight.  To say that it was fun to illustrate is an understatement.

Two down, three more to go!


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I forgot how cute itty bitty Rainbow Goddess is. I am also absolutely certain that nothing world ending will happen in this chapter. Everything will be fantastic. Dream Eater will set some of Zhiro’s nice books on fire and they’ll have a marshmallow toasting party. Nobody is supposed to feed the rakaros, but they totally do.

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