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C13P33 – Love and Matrimony

C13P33 – Love and Matrimony published on 21 Comments on C13P33 – Love and Matrimony

Some of you were wondering why Dream Eater would have a shrine to the Rainbow Goddess in this dreamscape.  Now you know!

I’d been trying to hint about this for a while with Mizha’s dreams where Dream Eater continually insists Mizha is his bride.  My idea was that the Rainbow Goddess has been trying to tell Mizha about this for a while, but since Mizha is quite afraid of Dream Eater (he is, according to everyone around her, the god of the Tormented Dead in Ulai) AND she associates Dream Eater with her guilt surrounding Zhiro, the message got distorted into nightmares.  Looking back, I think the tone was off in my end result and I may have missed my mark.  *shrugs*  Ah well.  Hindsight is 20/20, and all that.  Writers never stop learning about their craft, and I am absolutely no exception.

Also, this vision may have new context for you.

I’ve been hard at work fulfilling The volume four Kickstarter orders.  Some super awesome backers got commissions from me which I’ve started work on as well.  Here’s Lady Spectra and Sparky for J Kevin Carrier.  I’m having a lot of fun busting out my markers and paints, since I don’t get to do many pieces with natural media these days.

I’m trying to get these all wrapped up as fast as I can, but it is cutting significantly into the time I have to work on pages.  With convention season hitting as well, I’m thinking I will probably take a little time off at the start of July to recover and rebuild my buffer.  One reader, I think it was SkysongMA, suggested I do a fanwork contest with a special theme:  Modern Alternative Universe.  Or:  What would these characters be like living in the real world?  Or, at least, a version of our real world.

As with past summer events (like those in 2012 and 2013) writing as well as art would be welcome.  Short stories, poems, comics, illustrations…radio dramas, interpretive dances, lego sculptures, what have you.  As far as I’m concerned, anything creative would be on the table.  If we made it a contest, I’d probably post a poll at the end, and the winner would get a set of LeyLines books or a commission, but I’m open to other suggestions.

What do you think?  Anyone interested?



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Honestly, Robin, I think your tone was just fine. Sure, the Rainbow Goddess has been trying to say something for a long time, but Mizha was NOT ready to listen, so of course the message got distorted.

As for art and story conteests…. ooo boy, I would so be interested! I’d just need to remember to… you know, actualy enter. Since, well, every time I see something like that I go “I’m totally going to do art for you!” and then procrastinate until it never gets done as a way of avoiding the feeling that nothing I do will ever be good enough for my favorite creators :/

Now I feel even worse for the Rainbow Goddess. First she can’t actually talk to anybody except in cryptic images, and now she has no husband. And I agree that Mizha’s visions of Dream Eater weren’t over the top at all. For her, Zhiro is all tied up with Dream Eater and her own guilt and shame, so of course any version of Dream Eater that shows up is going to terrify her.

Also, I totally called this, but only because of the extra story about Dream Eater at the end of one of the books, lol.

I didn’t realize these commissions were going to be colored, so now I’m even more stoked.

And now I want to know what conversations between the Rainbow Goddess and Dream Eater looked like, since both of them are confusing enough on their own.

I’m interested in the contest, but have been too busy lately to even comment very often so… not sure if I’d apply or not due to time constraints.

(Also, as other’s have said – I’m loving this story. Dream Eater is one of my favorites. Zhiro is one of my favorites. I adore Rainbow Goddess too. )

I’ve noticed the Rainbow Goddess on the shrine is a bit different in appearance than the Rainbow Goddess in Mizha’s vision. I’m wondering if that means anything? With all the little hints and foreshadowing I can’t help but think it means her nature has changed somehow, too. Shrine-Rainbow has a little mask, apparent eyes and animal ears, a little like Dreameater. Also, loose baggy robes. Vision-Rainbow is dressed in a more formal looking tight-fitting dress with frills, has lost her mask/animal features and doesn’t even seem to have any facial features. But Dreameater talks about seeing her smile?


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