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C13P29 Raviki Tribe

C13P29 Raviki Tribe published on 6 Comments on C13P29 Raviki Tribe

The tribe that adopted Kali primarily worships Raviki, the sun bird.  It’s been a long time since they heard from him, but he used to be a pretty big deal.  In a literal sense.

I wanted to thank the folks that came out to my panel at ComicFest yesterday.  In my typical cynical optimist way I was looking forward to it, but secretly believed nobody would show.  Turns out, we filled over half the room!  I was talking with the panel organizer, and apparently that was the most well attended panel of the entire weekend.  Wow!  I am honored and humbled that so many of you joined Josh and I to talk about life and writing and how the Lone Starving Artist Myth MUST DIE.

Josh recorded the whole thing, so as soon as I get a link from him I will post it so those of you that would like to hear our talk can do so at your convenience.

In the meantime:  Very tired I to the sleepy time must go.


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