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C13P26 Lightning has struck my brain

C13P26 Lightning has struck my brain published on 16 Comments on C13P26 Lightning has struck my brain

+10 points if you know the reference in the title. I don’t care if the critics hated it, I loved that movie.

The boy in blue later becomes the king of a province known now as Kizhimo. Home to the University that Tama “attended” in a very loose sense. For folks that have read the “Not Enough to Survive” short story, it’s also where Ravazhi briefly taught. Kizhimo is also home to his museum pieces. If you own book two, you can also see the King of Kizhimo making an appearance in the Raviki Temple hieroglyphs (page 148).

This week’s random crafting project: A dice tower! I used an old sign for volume three that was printed on foam core and the instructions I found here.

“What is a dice tower?” you might ask. It’s a structure with a tray at the bottom. You put dice into the top of the tower structure and they bounce down several slanted layers on the inside, popping out at the bottom in a randomized roll that is caught in the tray. It keeps rolls in a compact space and helps to prevent rogue dice from bouncing off the table and rolling under chairs. I’m also hoping it will fix another problem I have…

I have a Dice Curse.

People laugh when I say that.  They think I’m exaggerating.  Then they see me in action at the RPG table and suddenly realize that somehow my hands take random chance and turn rolls into statistically improbable outcomes.  Always unfavorable ones.  I’ve given up on some systems entirely, because the way they were set up meant that my rolls were always failures.

White Wolf systems (at least when I was playing them years ago — they may have changed) had a “botch” system where any 1 rolled negated any successful die.  I tried to counter that by giving myself more dice to roll.  One character had 13 dice to roll on various strength-based checks and abilities.  She regularly achieved -3s due to Dice Curse.  One of the reasons I’ve gotten so attached to the L5R system is that at least I can pick and choose which dice to add up.  The outcome might not be fantastic, but at least it’s never below zero.

So I know that it’s illogical to believe in a curse, and I’m probably just remembering the bad moments and forgetting the good, but it just seems to fit my observations.  There’s probably a way to explain it in a more scientific manner — maybe how I roll, or hand dampness or temperature, who knows!  In the lack of a fully logical explanation, “curse” fits well enough.

Do you have a curse?  Or are you on the other side of the coin and fortunate to have a lucky charm?


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I’ve had cursed CHARACTERS. Artreias had it bad… which is sad when he was supposed to be this savvy, capable planewalker. I think his most frequent d20 roll was a 2 or 3 iirc, with plenty of crit fails thrown in too. I could use the same dice for any other character and the rolls would be fine. But for Treias it never failed. (I mean, they weren’t ALL terrible rolls. Just a significantly infuriating proportion of them, compared to …any other character I’ve ever played.)

That dice tower is really cool.

It’s nice to know I’m not the only one to have a dice cursed character! Although my little assassin seemed to a very specific version that only affected her initiative rolls. And that curse even followed the character into NPChood. Which was more unfortunate for the GM because it allowed the party to defeat her way too easily.

Characters who get chronically screwed over through no fault of their own by little plastic polyhedrons, we salute you.

I have total superstitions of dice mojo, soooo true!! My best set refuses to be rolled with other dice for example…..As a side note, in white wolf systems if you had enough of a dice pool weren’t you allowed to ‘buy’ successes? Fuzzy memory, maybe that was shadowrun…..idk.

I never felt like I had a cursed character for dice but I had a cursed character that made game groups fall apart mysteriously every time I played her. Or at least they stopped running that particular campaign for one reason or another…. I am apparently not allowed to play a knight-lady with a cohort healer…..that kinda looks like Celes from FF6….

I love the styles of these pages. Can’t wait to see it all in print.

Once, during a game of DnD, my ex was playing some kind of rogue warrior, compared to the other two players’ gnome and elf rangers. He was supposed to be the muscle, but he rolled all natural ones and ended up getting himself turned into a duck.

I played a rogue in D&D for which I was prone to rolling 4s on a d20. I swapped it out for other d20s, but it didn’t matter. I decided to resolve this by focusing my character on to hit bonuses, so I could bloody well HIT on a 4.

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