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C13P21 – History Lesson

C13P21 – History Lesson published on 13 Comments on C13P21 – History Lesson

If you missed last week’s bonus comic, you can find it and all other QnA comics here!

Hair ruffles are one of my favorite things.  Looks like Zhiro is also a fan.

Folks that own the print version of LeyLines might recognize the mandala used here.  It appears at the start of every LeyLines book.  Although you’ll notice variations on this iconography all over in the comic leading to this point.

There are probably a few other places you’ll see these colors and this configuration of the gods in the comic that I’ve forgotten.  Folks with the books will also have a lot of the extras to look through if you want more info, especially the horoscope stuff in volume three.  There’s also the section on gods in volume one.

Anyway, I hope you’re ready for a history lesson, because once Dream Eater gets into Professor Mode he’s kinda hard to slow down.  Although, goodness knows, at least ONE person in this particular class is gonna be just FULL of questions.


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I for one am completely ready for this explanation and also believe that nothing can possibly go wrong from this point forward. Obviously crisis averted.

Also, I love that hair ruffle too. If anyone deserves his hair ruffled, it’s Zhiro.

-sits in chair- I am SO ready for Professor Dream Eater to tell me what’s up and what’s what because goddamn FINALLY somebody who actually knows the truth. Plus Dream Eater.

Not saying it’s not going to be an unbiased truth. History lessons rarely are. But it’ll be a hell of a lot more accurate than what the churches are spewing I’m sure.

Random question. I’ve been rereading through the archive. On an early page, you mention in the comments that Zhiro worships a volcano god. Is Dream Eater still canonically associated with volcanoes?

Yes he is. It hasn’t come up much, but you can see it reflected in the guest quarters decorations at the Dream Eater temple (top panel). The volcano and the cloud of smoke is abstracted into the X symbol you see in the Tower of the Dead (somewhat obscured by word balloons on the floor, but it’s also in the banner on the right) the symbol on the Keeper medallions, and in the Temple Library. It’s scattered other places too. Sometimes in black and white, sometimes in black and red, but it all calls back to that volcano and cloud shape.

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