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C13P18 – Not Listening

C13P18 – Not Listening published on 16 Comments on C13P18 – Not Listening

This is going well.  I’m sure nothing bad will happen at all.  Please keep yelling at the god who has knives close at hand and an unknown temperament.  Yes.  Yes, good.

Progress on Robin’s First Solo Embroidery Project Time!

Because I am sure that you are just all SO EAGER for crafting news.  XD

After I finished the beginner’s kit, I was full of verve and vim and vigor to make my own DS9 designs, but as I sat down to draw I started to get That Creeping Suspicion Of…What’s this?  IS IT PERFECTIONISM ON MY SHOULDER PLOTTING MY DOWNFALL????  IS IT?!?!?!

It was.  I could tell that I was coming up with ideas that were probably way too ambitious for my skill level.  One beginner’s kit was not enough to teach me everything I needed to know, and I didn’t want to make something that would ultimately become discouraging depression food.  So I knew I needed to start a smaller and more manageable project to build more skills.

But with what?  What subject was simple enough to be easy to do, but challenging enough to learn from, and also something I’d like to have some embroidery of?

Then I knew…PICKLES.

You might remember my fondness for Pickles, a creation by Dave Kellett of Sheldon and DRIVE.  When I decided that I wanted to embroider something that featured Pickles, I thought of a fairly recent strip that showed Arthur and Pickles singing in the rain and I knew that was the image I wanted to try rendering in cloth and thread.  So off I headed to the crafting store to get all the gear and materials I’d need.

At which point I got to have my first “Learning Opportunity.”

I needed to pick a cloth to embroider on and I thought, “I know! It’s raining, so I’ll get some nice navy cloth that will make the rain really pop!  I AM GENIUS.”

Then I got it home, sat down with the image I’d printed out, and realized that the fancy transfer pen I’d bought WOULD NOT WORK ON DARK CLOTH.  Dang it!

Undeterred (mostly) I hit the internet for alternative ways to get a pattern onto cloth.  What I found was a method that first had me trace the image and then fix the traced drawing on top of the cloth.  Then I needed to make rough stitches through the cloth and tracing paper that were close enough to make the shapes clear, but not so close that I couldn’t get the paper off after I was done.  This is what I ended up with:

Okay, not terrible.  I can work with this.  I decided to start with Arthur the duck first.  He’s bigger and I was a little nervous about being able to capture the character in a space as small as Pickles’ little patch on the cloth.

He looked pretty funny with only a few of the pieces filled in…

But I thought the resemblance was decent once the outlines were included!  Having rendered a passable Arthur, I gained the confidence to start on Pickles.

He looked pretty dopey without the outlines.  SUDDENLY I WAS NOT SO CONFIDENT ANYMORE.  Would Pickles be my downfall???  That would be sad, but oddly appropriate…

But he turned out okay!!!

And then I even tried out some French Knots to give his eyes extra cuteness factor.  AAAAWWW PICKLES!  I never should have doubted you, buddy.


Finally, I moved on to what I thought would be the fastest, easiest part.  The rain and puddles…

UGH THEY ARE TAKING FOREVER!!!  And they look SO LAME.  The puddles are so awkward and the rain isn’t even going the same direction!  I am so tempted to rip everything out and start all over but I SHALL PERSEVERE.  Me and Pickles are going to FINISH THIS THING and it will be a great learning experience in all its dumb puddle glory.

…In the end, that rain took a TURN.


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Ahhhh the rain looks totally fine! I really have to give you kudos on that. ESPECIALLY THE FRENCH KNOTS. I did cross stitch for a long time. French knots are HELLLLLLL. hat you can do them like “Oh yeah I did some french knots. It’s cool. NBD.” makes you a total badass. (shhhhh even if it was hard you’re a badass don’t correct me 😛 I can’t do them at all.)

As for the comic. Kali. Please stop making Dream Eater angry by being angry at him. Please. Thank you.

That’s not ominous at all…

…I mean Dream Eater, not the embroidery.

And I’m guessing that’s Vision sporting a lot of daggers and silly drawings?

The rain looks fine! Very windy, but fine. 🙂 The puddles are pretty reasonable too! I think, if there is a problem (and maybe there is not), it is that they overpower the lovely birds, because the birds have black outline on dark cloth, and the rain is super white on dark cloth. Not that just replacing the string with a darker string is easy to do, but, if you decide to rip them out, that’s something you could try.

(Also, empathy for when the “easy” part of the project turns out to be super hard and its incredibly broken-expectations/betrayal/frustrating)

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