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C13P17 The Truth

C13P17 The Truth published on 16 Comments on C13P17 The Truth

GOSH Kali, tell us how you REALLY feel!

If you’ve joined the Wavemen Newsletter, you’ve already heard the latest news about my other project.  After a ton of work, our team is nearing completion of the final scene and I’m about to start lettering the final inks.  Before I can start on that work, however, a font needs to be chosen!  It may seem like a minor detail, but lettering and font choice can have a big impact on readability and enjoyment of a comic.

Two things Cory and I were looking for in a font:

  • Easy to read both on screen and on paper, even when the words are small
  • Personality and character in the letters that fits with the tone of the story

Cory and I have been looking at dozens of options and finally narrowed our choices down to four favorites.  We thought we’d see what you all thought before we made the final choice!

Here’s the four fonts we’re considering, on their own:

And here’s each of those fonts in some panels from the comic:

Which font is your favorite?  Is there any font you dislike?  Why do you like or dislike a particular font?  Cory and I would love to hear your thoughts!  If you’re the shy type, we’ve also set up a poll where you can vote for your favorite.

Thanks for your input!  We’re really excited to be moving into the final stages of this debut issue of Wavemen!


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My favorite is Zeo Caps, followed by Zud Juice.
Caps feels distinct, but still readable. There is something in how the letters are drawn and placed that looks somewhat ancient and asian characters. To me, at least.

Zud Juice because it is very readable. It has no character, but sometimes readability is all what you need for a font.

Now, I dislike both Evi Genius and, especialy, Smack Attack, for the same reasons. They feel blunt and obtrusive in the boxes. But I have to say that in the panels of the comicn they read okay. I don’t like it, but also don’t dislike it.

So, I would use Caps if you are aiming for personality, and go for Juice if you want complete readability.

Hope this helps! It was amusing to write my opinion about fonts.

About the comic:
I really like the first row. DreamEater is pinched between Zhiro and Kali, and looks vulnerable. But of course, after the attack of Kali, he places again distance with his aloof attitude. He ignores (again) Zhiro and focuses on her.
I am looking forward to how this plays out.

Thank you for the input! It has been interesting to get opinions from folks about fonts, since it’s not something that audiences are asked about much. We’re getting all sorts of different perspectives and people have wildly different takes on what’s best. It may not make the final choice easier, but it’s definitely going to factor in.

I’m interested to see how Dream Eater engages with this. He’s definitely super mad about the way people have distorted his legacy, but at the same time, he loves to point out that he’s smarter than everyone else.

Personally, I like the second font because of the larger spaces between words.

I find Smack Attack to be the most readable of these fonts, the other three tend to have narrower letters and less kerning between them. Evil genius close second, still very readable but a bit more character to it.

Also I just imagine Dream Eater *dripping* with sarcasm on this page!

Zeo Caps has the most character, but is least readable; I’d use it if I was only considering myself. Smack Attack has maximum legibility. Evil Genius bothered me at first – the “left-handed” tilt to it is subtly unsettling until you figure out how it’s different – but I think strikes a nice balance between character and legibility.

I personally love fonts that look like handwriting. Zud Juice and Smack Attack are too anonymous for my tastes.

I would say all these fonts are good. However, when I see them next to each other they each give a distinct feel.

1 is probably the least special. Maybe even a bit stiff. Readability is pretty good, but the font is a bit narrow, so it’s not the best. This is probably my least favorite.

2 is a lot wider and has better readability than 1. I think font 2 would be very well suited for a lighthearted story or a gag-a-day comic. I don’t think this font would work as well with a darker/more serious tone.

3 is the least rigid font and has a more artistic feel to it. I think this font works well with a fantasy setting (both lighthearted and/or dark). Readability is probably the worst (although not bad) of these 4. Especially the “N” can be read as a “U” in some letter combinations. I can see this becoming problematic if you use very small letters if someone is whispering or talking in the background for example. Despite all that, this may be my favorite font.

Font 4 is a little rigid, but not as rigid a font 1. I don’t know what exactly, but there is something special about font 4 when compared to 1 or 2. Readability is good (better than 1 and 3). I like this font.

3 and 4 are my favorites.

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