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C13P15 – Maddening Mysteries

C13P15 – Maddening Mysteries published on 6 Comments on C13P15 – Maddening Mysteries

DE, bud, right now Bone Matron is probably not the only Mystery Kali is finding particularly maddening right now.

If you missed the bonus QnA comic last Friday, you can find it, and all previous QnA comics, here.

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We’ve seen Kali get visions from Bone Matron a few different times.  Once, Kali called on Bone Matron specifically.  Other times, Bone Matron has simply intruded with a vision.  In either case, Kali is not a fan.

While Tama knows that Kali can call the rain from the nature god Waiziki, he has no idea about her connection to a Mystery.  And neither does anyone else, except for Ravazhi.  Given her opinion on them, she’d prefer to keep that fact to herself.  It turns out, Zhiro, that Kali has indeed “met” a Mystery before.

As a side note, I’m very pleased with how that perspective shot turned out.

This page also prompted another Sorrel LOL panel.  If you don’t recall Sorrel, she’s the wonderful color flatter who assists me with color blocking on each page, thanks to the contributions of awesome patrons on Patreon.  She also did the inks for this chapter cover.  Sometimes when she’s laying out color flats, she’ll send me a little panel extra where she’s filled in her own dialog.  Today, Fun Facts with Dream Eater:

MURP indeed.  MURP…indeed…

I wonder what other Fun Facts with Dream Eater we could come up with?  Care to give it a go?


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