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C13P14 – No not her

C13P14 – No not her published on 14 Comments on C13P14 – No not her

PPFFF no, not Mizha.  GEEZ Zhiro.

The other day I was reading a blog by Erika Moen and she mentioned doing embroidery to wind down.  I’ve been feeling like finding something to do in downtime.

Embroidery is something that I’ve wanted to learn for a while, but it always sounded so difficult and intimidating.  Like…I’d need to go to some finishing school for nobility to learn it, or something.  And I tend to be over-ambitious when trying to learn new things, and try to skip directly to Insanely Advanced Even For Expert levels of challenge.  That said, this idea to learn embroidery got stuck in my head, and so I thought, “I can’t be the first person who wanted to learn this stuff.  Maybe there’s a beginner’s kit?”

One Google search, and lo and behold, I found one!

And it turns out…it’s not nearly as hard as I thought, and I’m having a lot of fun!  It’s nice to have something for my hands to do while watching a movie in the evenings, or while Cory’s playing a video game.

This is what I have so far:

The kit doesn’t have the birds as part of the design, (I’m supposed to just leave the printed pattern visible) but I thought that was silly, so I’ve been improvising.  I got some red and white thread from my sewing supplies and figured out how I wanted to stitch the bird to create some Robins.  Because…that’s my name.  And…like I said, creativity is a finite resource.


I tried searching for pre-made patterns, but nothing really jumped out at me.  And then I thought: Why not make my own?  But of what?  What am I a huge nerd for?  GASP!!  STAR TREK DEEP SPACE NINE!!!!

So if I get through this kit and decide to keep doing embroidery, I’m going to make DS9 patterns for myself.  Currently considering:

  • Weyoun with “The Founder is Wise in All Things”
  • Dr. Julian Bashir with “That’s Your Prerogative!”
  • Nog with his big speech about the Great Material Continuum
  • Quark with one of the Rules of Acquisition
  • Garak with one of his snarky quotes.  He has so many, I have yet to decide.  Maybe a companion to Bashir, with something like “I don’t WANT to be CALM.  I’ve been CALM long enough!” and him flipping a table…

I’m also open to suggestions, if anybody has some ideas of choice quotes.

What kinds of things would you choose, if you could have any kind of design for your own hobby?  (Car decal, racket design, cool jacket, knitting pattern, etc!)



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Well now, this is interesting… Why does a god have a shrine to another god in his lair? And look so… maudlin and lost when considering it?

I’ve got my theories, but I’m going to shut my mouth in case I’m right.

I also notice that the statue in the shrine has a mask Dreameater-esque ears… While the Rainbow Goddess certainly hasn’t had either in her few appearances.

Also, hello; first-time commenter. I have to say, Dreameater has rapidly become one of my favorite characters.

Kali, maybe don’t say that when the god is RIGHT THERE. Also, this page is pretty.

Sewing is one of those things that I have on THE LIST of the many, many things I want to learn to do. But it waits for a future when I’ve got other stuff off the ground.

What is this “other stuff” that you speak of? Projects brewing?? Cool life events??

Kali, ILU, and your fiery spark of don’t-take-no-shit-from-no-one is refreshing and wonderful, but girl you have got to learn some tact. I don’t think Dream Eater would hurt you, but consider what he did to the priests responsible for corrupting his church and thus his being.

As for the comment about the Rainbow Goddess above…. Dream Eater…. eats dreams (and thoughts and memories). The Rainbow Goddess seems to send dreams. They’re definitely counterparts. I have a guess that they might be more (or have been more, or Dream Eater wanted to be more, or some such) but so far, just a guess.

Awwww. ;a; (Also: Gdmit, Dream Eater! And Kali, for that matter. :V)

And I LOVE that embroidery! ^^ Definitely looking forward to hearing more about what you make!


I just went on a hobby-store spree and got enough thread for probably a bajillion projects, but I don’t yet have any calibration on how much thread any given design needs and…and there was a sale and…I have…impulse control issues. And I had a coupon! So…so that makes it like…a savvy shopper move, right? RIGHT??


Very intriguing page! And kudos for picking up something like embroidery, your improvised robins sure don’t look made up! I draw (actually went to college for that >.>) but as such it isn’t my ‘hobby’. aside from books/games, I also crochet! After the usual beginner hat and scarf, I jumped right into making stuffed animals. They were’t as hard as I thought they would be generally.

I am still having trouble getting up the nerves to do actual clothes even though I have many patterns. It seems very daunting, and the one ‘big’ thing I made, a blanket, took several months (though not constantly working on it. hobby, right?). Been thinking of getting a pattern for these bootie slippers I saw and maybe starting with something like that rather than a full size dress.

I always want to jump to the ultra advanced stuff when learning something, but I’m trying to get into my head the idea that it’s okay to start small and work up. I think your bootie slippers plan sounds like a great idea! It’s a wonderful skill-building activity, and afterwards you’ll have toasty feet! Also: I am in awe of your ability to make stuffed animals. I tried that once and…well, let’s just say that the result probably would have frightened (and not survived) small children.

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