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C13P11 – Stay Focused

C13P11 – Stay Focused published on 24 Comments on C13P11 – Stay Focused

So, Mizha…that method had…mixed results.  Fortunately, dream Flutterbutt to the rescue!  Zhiro’s just lucky he didn’t get pounced and covered in sloppy Rakaro kisses.

Growing up we had a dog named Ben.  He was an Australian Shepherd who I’m pretty sure was at least 60% convinced he was a human.  He’d always do his best to talk, making these “rowr wouuurrr” noises in greeting, and turning in a circle over and over.  He had no tail, so his butt would kinda wiggle crazily, like he was trying to make a frenzied doughnut dance this year’s newest craze.  It was his traditional greeting.

Have you ever had a pet that had a unique way of saying “hello”?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

All of my current cats are chatty to some extent. Alex knows “feed me-now” and “let me-out” Sparta says “hey” to everything. Bello can cuss like the best of ’em. Blaze calls out whenever she catches anything, and Anna usually demands pettings. Ahhhh chatty cats and kitty purr treatments are the best.

Yeah I was wondering what on earth they were going on about.

I had a cat who, while he was lazy and never really bothered saying hello in the house, would run at me headlong, jiggling and shouting all the way, if he saw me in the street. How I had an untrained cat walk to heel better than any of our dogs, I’ll never know, but he’d run to me and escort me all the way home, all the way to his food bowl!

Our dog we have now won’t greet you until she’s found something to carry. She’ll stare at the door for you coming, then suddenly run away and madly search for a thing, usually a toy or someone’s shoe, and only then will she run back to you to say hello. The greeting itself usually consists of running around and around in large circles while she hits you with her tail (it’s so painful!) and uses you as a springboard to change direction (also really painful!).

Why can’t my dog just do an adorably harmless doughnut dance? XD

Ben had his far less harmless ways of making his presence known. On any set of stairs, or any downhill, he’d wait until you got halfway down and then rush you from behind, throwing his entire weight into your knees as he passed. This resulted in more than a few major tumbles, but we never could train him to knock it off. A herding instinct, maybe? UGH it was frustrating!

My cat will do one of two things to welcome me home. Be RIGHT at the door and then roll over on her back in the foyer so i almost step on her till i give her belly rubs, or run out into the hallway of my apartment building looking for my other half before flopping on the steps in a similar manner and letting me take her back inside.

In addition she has a particular way of asking to be in my lap. She will come up beside my char and sit, looking expectantly, or come up behind me and gently paw my arm. Then she waits for me to call her up, does a preparatory butt wiggle, then jumps into my lap.

I used to live in a house with my dad’s best friend (well over six feet tall) and his two labs (one pure-bred, or so we thought, and one shar-pei mix). Whenever George would get home, Sam and Pooka would rush the door, and Pooka (the pure-bred) would get up on his hind legs, put his paws on George’s chest, and give him face-licks. It was amusing to my eight-year-old self but now it makes me stop and think just how BIG those dogs were, but Pooka and Sam would never hurt a fly.

Fourth-grade bullies who tried to follow me home one day perhaps, but that’s a different story.

Nothing is better than a dog that loves you when you’re up against a pack of bullies.

They tried to climb the back gate. Pooka put his paws against the top of the gate, looked over it, and in no uncertain terms did he tell them “No”.

Funnily enough, they never tried to follow me home after that.

Does it count if the special greeting only happened because “their” human decided to go to university and only visit for a couple days every three weeks? My brother got his jacket peed on by one of our cats(who was so attached to him we used to call her Colin’s Little Shadow) it happened nearly every time he came home for a visit during his first year at university.

We kind of have the opposite. Our Ibizan hound jumps up and dances around just about every one, except our housemate. I do not know what he had against the guy, but any time he comes in the door Momo folds his ears down, which is kind of like some one pulling up sails, and growls.

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