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C13P09 – Old Gods

C13P09 – Old Gods published on 12 Comments on C13P09 – Old Gods

Tama: Smugly bordering on atheist in his world view while being the next in line to lead one of the world’s religious orders.  Mostly, to spite his dad.  How could any of that possibly go wrong?

Still sick.  Maybe up to…60% strength now.  Most of the worst symptoms have faded, leaving behind a lingering cough and general fatigue.  The most frustrating aspect is probably how much my energy will vary.  One moment I’ll feel back to my usual self, then the next I’ll feel like I’m two gasps of air from passing out.  Trying to take it easy, but if there’s one thing I’m really not good at, it’s relaxing.

It’s weird.  When sick, what would normally be considered acting exceptionally lazy is actually being responsible.  My brain really struggles to wrap itself around that idea.


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Ordinarily I’d be all, whoo, atheist characters! But. Tama. You’re running around with A) your sister, who receives visions from a goddess, B) your brother, who is possessed by a god, and C) your new BFF who demonstrated that she can summon rain. THROUGH HER GOD. Like, there’s giving your dad the finger, and then there’s just taking it to its most ridiculous extreme.

Tama agrees they EXIST. He just doesn’t really feel they deserve WORSHIP. Or possibly even respect…

Him and Odysseus would have a lot to talk about.

Ohhhh. That makes a lot more sense. And for once I totally agree with him. The Rainbow Goddess seems to be the only one who’s done any kind of good yet, and seeing as we don’t understand the entire consequences of the vision she gave Mizha, we can’t say for sure. I guess Waiziki makes it rain in the desert and that is also good?

In a world where the gods demonstrably exist, agnosticism and atheism are probably in many ways conflated. In many fantasy settings I’ve seen the word “agnostic” used to describe a person with no particular patron, who worships all gods equally or simply doesn’t devote themself to worship.

A person who doesn’t believe the gods deserve worship, that the gods are actually gods, or outright goes out of their way not to worship would probably be an atheist as far as this world is concerned.

Saw on one of my other comics that you are doing a guest piece? Please be sure to take it easy! YES being lazy is responsible if you need rest. Also, lots of fluids yadda yadda, orange juice.

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