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C13P05 One time

C13P05 One time published on 3 Comments on C13P05 One time

I think it’s more than “just that one time,” Mizha.

…Any ideas as to what other sneaky business Mizha’s done in the past?

In other news:  I need your help!

I’ve been volunteering at a local LGBTQ advocacy group.  We’re putting together resources and information on existing laws, procedures, and ways people can navigate the systems that currently exist to protect their rights or provide assistance.  We’re also collecting advice and suggestions for situations where the rules are a little more vague.  Right now we’re working on helping students and parents deal with bullying.  The standard response is to make an official complaint of an incident to one’s Principle, but school administrations vary significantly and not all of them are invested in helping LGBTQ students.  We’ve divided out a lot of different topics, so each team member has a few different things to research.

What I am looking for:

Any information or resource on:

  • How to support yourself if you’re experiencing bullying
  • What you can do while your complaint is being filed/investigated
  • What to do if nothing happens with your complaint

Can be in the form of:

  • Videos
  • Articles
  • Podcasts
  • Links to organizations or support networks
  • Personal stories and recommendations

If you know of a good resource, or would be interested in providing your own stories or thoughts, please share them with me!  If you do not feel safe leaving something in a comment below, please contact me through email or by the contact form!

I really appreciate any tips or links you can find!  It could make a huge difference to local LGBTQ kids that need help.  Bullying is a major problem that needs to be addressed.  The last survey of Colorado students found that 7 in 10 LGBTQ kids dealt with harassment because of their orientation.  They’re more likely to be victims of physical violence and are far more likely to attempt suicide than their peers.  I’m hopeful that the resources my team pulls together can help kids in need find, or even create, the support and information they need to thrive no matter the challenge.


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Tama, this is an admirable claim, but we’re going to need some proof, just because you have demonstrated over and over through emotional outbursts that you are not worthy of trust. Yes, Mizha and Zhiro need to learn to express themselves without being pushed to a point of crisis, but you also need to learn that your plainspoken ways are only possible because of your level of privilege.

In other news, embarrased!Mizha is totally cute. And I bet her main subterfuge consisted of trying to get the attention of cute boys without her brother noticing. Or finding ways to do his hair.

I’m so proud of you, Robin!

(PS: if you don’t mind answering, what digital art program do you use? I’m trying to learn digital art.)

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