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C13P04 – I DO NOT

C13P04 – I DO NOT published on 2 Comments on C13P04 – I DO NOT

We’ve finally caught up to this panel from Sorrel that I shared with you waaay back in August:

Ahhhh…still cracks me up.  Sorrel when she’s color blocking sometimes sends me these, and they always crack me up.  Good times, good times.

Today Cory and I went to our local fabric store for the first stage of our convention booth redesign.  I did a search for different color palettes based on your suggestions.  Cory and I went through them until we found one that both of us liked.  This is what we picked:

The base tablecloth we picked out at the store is the dark red-brown.  Wavemen will get a red/orange runner, LeyLines a blue/purple runner, and the Mushroom Folk will be on the yellow/orange.  We also got some neat boxes for buttons and a rotating stand for the greeting cards.  Cory also found a lot of different bits and bobs that he’s making adorable little mushroom figurines out of.  They will be the cutest things when he’s done.  I’ve already got some ideas on displays and banners too.  Starting with the palette was a great place to begin!  Thank you for all your input!

And a reminder that this Friday I’ll be posting another bonus QnA comic!


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