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C13P01 – Let me get this straight

C13P01 – Let me get this straight published on 20 Comments on C13P01 – Let me get this straight

Ppffff oh Kali you and your pessimism.  HOW COULD THIS POSSIBLY GO WRONG??

I’ve been working on the character question and answer pages and have a decent little collection going, but I can’t make up my mind when to share them.  Should I post them on Fridays and then collect them off in their own little archive, like the autobio comic?  They’d be little extras until the questions ran out, sort of a temporary bonus content.  Or do I save them for between chapter content?  Sorta alternate between those and vignette pieces?

Ahg, I’m still trying to pick the best option.  If anybody has a preference, please voice it!  It will help me make up my mind!

In other news, I ran a 7th Sea table top RPG session Sunday night and it went really well!  I was really nervous about it, but the video series on GMing by Matthew Colville were exceptionally helpful for preparing and I felt that I was able to put a lot of his suggestions into practice.  When the biggest miss-step of an evening is the pizza burning in the oven (fortunately, had back-up pizza) it’s a good session.  We ran out of time at the end, so I introduced the final interaction (GIANT CRAB BATTLE) and we’ll pick up there next time.  The fact that everyone felt excited to partake in a next time I take as a good sign.  For players, we’ve got:

  • An unlucky captain of cursed ship that’s also being sabotaged by someone on his crew
  • A one-armed priest that thinks he has an angel on his shoulder guiding him, but it’s actually a literal demon
  • A sorcerer who’s terrified of his powers and an assassin-in-training to an NPC who’s basically the Count of Monte Cristo
  • A sailor who lost his most prized possession (his boat) in a bet when he spectacularly lost a race.  He’s convinced his opponent cheated…and scuttled his boat rather than let someone else take it.
  • A young magician-in-training who’s stuck between two cultures at war with each other, trying to find his own way.

The team dynamics so far have been really interesting, because nobody seems to outwardly like each other, but everybody seems to be bonding in that odd “we constantly snipe at each other and somehow this makes us family,” kind of way.  This is a ship of misfits and the dynamic is absolutely bizarre and I pretty much love it.  Can’t wait to see how this team comes together in the future.  Or flies wildly apart.

Have you ever been part of what you’d consider a unique group dynamic?  How would you describe it?  What made it work?


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That sounds like a fantastic crew. Anyone playing a losejas? I seriously love that concept and really want to use one of them for a character.

The one-armed priest is a losejas, although I kit-bashed the two different 7th sea versions and made my own system because I didn’t like either of the official ones. So the dievas are now a Castille magic system, wherein there WAS a circle that worked to manage the demons and protect the general population from their influence…until the Inquisition declared them devil worshipers, wiped them out, and released a host of dievas on the unsuspecting population. Hence the priest THINKS the voice talking to him is an angel…and thus far his “angel” has done little to dissuade him of that notion.

Interesting take! So I guess there’s no pseudo-Poland in your version?

Yeah, it didn’t have a clear enough identity. A lot of the new versions of things feel less interesting to me in general. I’ve also messed with Voddace and made it a nation of Matriarchs rather than Princes. Because: FATE-ALTERING MAGIC. Rewrote the mechanics…all told I think my new book is about 70 pages long?

I like the personas of your players. Each description of them summons an image of them in a grimy landscape.(My imagination may be overactive, here)
Glad that you and the crew had such a time.

For the cast-questions: I think it is better to post them on fridays. Nice for the reader, because he has a steady inflow of extra pages which holds extra interest for him. (Because he asked some of the questions)
And nice for you, because your webcomic gets visited more often. And if you want keep doing the questions, you mention that the audience can ask more.
(Of course, I may be biased here. Because I am burning somewhat to find out the answers on my own questions)

But your webcomic, your call. Whatever your choice is, I will enjoy the answers of the cast)

Kind greetings,

The game we’re playing is one part grimy, one part crazy fun…there are consequences for things, but there are also some pretty silly things happening too. It’s a good mix.

I’m leaning towards Fridays too, although I feel like I’ll run out of them very quickly that way. Although I guess that would not be the end of the world if they didn’t go on forever?

As usual Kali is the greatest character and is not at all blowing everything out of proportion. Although in this case it’s probably justified. Actually definitely justified. But props on the recap. Recapping via character argument is definitely the most efficient method.

And that DnD game sounds like a ton of fun.

When I was in high school, I had an ever-expanding group of misfit friends. I suppose we were technically the weird kids, but the popular kids at my high school were actually nice people for the most part, so they didn’t bother us. It started out with me and the friends in my grade, and then we ended up with a younger kid fanclub where nobody got made to feel like they were a freak for reading books and liking anime. It worked out all around.

Thanks! This recap is a reflection of continuing lessons learned from chapter 11’s feedback day. Trying to help people bridge the gap between chapters better.

And your high school group of misfit friends sound like a really great bunch! I bet they made surviving high school much easier.

It really works well on so many levels. Also it’s just a nice way to jump straight into the action. This family really needed someone like Kali who cuts to the chase.

And yeah, actually, high school was like 85% good for me. There were some jerks, but for the most part everyone was chill.

Friday bonus content would be really great, if you’d be willing to post the answers then!

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