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C12P42 I believe you

C12P42 I believe you published on 4 Comments on C12P42 I believe you

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Zhiro’s also mentioned “that empty feeling” before, both in connection to Dream Eater, and more personal situations.

What a crazy few days it has been.  Every year I think “I’m going to get so much done in November!” and every year it seems as though the entire world conspires to upset those plans.

We got our first blizzard of the year on Thursday, and in the early afternoon I got a text from my friend Eric (of Snow by Night) that he and Stefi (of Final Arcanum) was in Denver airport and their flight was delayed.  Which translated to me as, “in an hour they’ll announce all flights have been cancelled” because that’s how Colorado weather is.  So I let him know that he could crash at my place if needed.  Sure enough, a few hours later they’re stuck with only carry-on luggage, a bag of complimentary toiletries, and in need of a place to stay.  So I call Cory, who heads out to the airport in the snow, while I’m recording a WA podcast AND frantically trying to prep two sleeping arrangements wherever possible in the house AND cooking dinner for four.  (This involved a lot of “Uh huh”s and mute buttons so people wouldn’t hear me frantically throwing things around.  I apologize in advance if I sound out of it or out of breath in that future podcast.)

So my Thursday plans went up in smoke, as did Friday, since we had impromptu (but wonderful) houseguests.  And Saturday/Sunday (which are normally work days for me) was spent cooking Thanksgiving dinner for about 100 people at Cory’s old fraternity.  This is actually the 10th year we’ve done this!!  Dang, we’re starting to get kinda ollllllld.

That explains why my feet are so sore, after running around a kitchen for 8 hours.  Hrrrrg!  I’m gettin’ too old fer this!

What are your plans for the week?  Do you think you’ll be able to complete them, or do you suspect fate conspire against you too?


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