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C12P41 – Being Real

C12P41 – Being Real published on 13 Comments on C12P41 – Being Real

*sneezes*  I have managed to catch a cold.  Yyaaaaayyyyy.  *sneezes some more*

So I’m going to keep this short and get back to my tea and blanket fort.  See you on Friday for the next Autobio entry (only a few more of those to go!) and hopefully I’ll have at least…35% less snot in my head then.

SpiderForest Comics of the Week 2016

When Major Sarah Bronniford is captured while on a tense Cold War mission, her comrades send their robotic tank Mike to rescue her. But Mike carries out his mission too well, and accidentally turns a crisis into an all-out atomic war. When a heavily-damaged Mike returns from his mission with Sarah wounded but alive, they both begin to exhibit strange and unpredictable behavior – and some dangerous new opinions about their mission.

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100 years after WW3, Minerva is a lone beacon of civilization in the chaos of central Asia. Their technological superiority has guaranteed peace for their citizens and power in the area. But when that superiority is suddenly challenged, everything starts to fall apart.


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Aw Zhiro. Dream Eater is having a snit right now but I doubt he’ll be having a snit forever.

Also I hope you realize that you didn’t really do anything wrong. Dream Eater is having a snit, that’s on him.

Also… ughhhh character development and somebody actually telling Mizha it’s okay to be herself <3 I NEEDED THISSS

I thought we were due some cast progression rather than regression. Regression is important too, but at some point when we’ve taken steps back, we have to make a choice to step forward to grow.

THANK YOU. Too often works stick themselves in the ‘regression’ stage with one or more characters and never move forward with their growth and development. I’ve been watching Naruto recently (please no judgment) and while I’ve found that I love the show, it’s my biggest problem with the character of Sasuke. He’d be a really compelling character if all his character growth didn’t come in the last freaking season and everything else wasn’t just backsliding.

I like this page and how you composed it.
This seems not to end in a new division in which they stop again to talk about their hurted feelings. It is nice dat Zhiro explained the difference to Mizha. Impressive, after all what he’s been through, he can still express himself so clear and honest without the intent to hurt. Probably, that’s for a part because he is too exhausted.
And the composition: These two are in the first panel together at the same niveau, while stil split. In the former pagina’s, even when they both were on the hill, they never were shown at the same height (wavelength?). I also noticed Zhiro last balloon breaking the white wall between them. No idea if that was intended, I just liked my interpretation of that. 🙂

And in the second, they are finally together. Both looking so exhausted. No wonder, if you suddenly released a whole stream of (for years) repressed feelings, you feel empty.
I suspect that without the former pages, Zhiro would never have told about Dream Eater, especially not to Mizha. Is he starting to let go of the idea that she could not handle it?

I am impressed, if you could not tell by my analysis above, with how you put so much in one page.

I put a lot of thought into the top and middle panels in particular. I wanted it to feel like a great big inhale, exhale, and then a commitment to move forward. Two people separated, coming together onto common ground at last. So I’m exceptionally happy that you see all of that in there!

Well, Zhiro, to be fair, you did freak the heck out when Mizha told you, although it is because Mizha told you badly. There was basically no good way to do this, especially since the first time you guys could reunite was after the death of a family member (who was herself extremely problematic and contributed to the divide between you).

And I look forward to seeing this whole passage in print. I think it will look amazing.

so technically I’m not supposed to be grammar nitpicking this yet but uh the first panel says “I wouldn’t want you pretend for my sake” and I’m assuming that’s supposed to be “I wouldn’t want you TO pretend for my sake”

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