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C12P38 What do you see

C12P38 What do you see published on 8 Comments on C12P38 What do you see

I’ve been working on cover options for Volume Four.  In the past I’ve really struggled with covers.  I want to cram in too many messages into too small a space, and typically they end up muddled and confusing.  So I was pleasantly surprised with how all of these turned out!  I feel like, for once, I managed to bring some focus to each piece.  I feel as though I have leveled up somehow!

If you are a backer, don’t forget to cast your vote!  (You’ll have to sign into your Kickstarter profile to see the update and get the link.)  The poll closes on Wednesday.

Here’s the three images backers will be choosing from.  What’s your favorite?

mizhacolors_prev unapakku_prev zhirocolors_prev

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