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C12P34 – Hate

C12P34 – Hate published on 8 Comments on C12P34 – Hate

Hey all!  If you missed it last Friday:  We successfully funded book four!  Yay!  Thank you to everyone who shared and supported!

The downside to all the excitement is…I am now sick.  I’m actually impressed that my immune system held out as long as it did.  Normally with that level of stress, I would have been down and out DURING the campaign.  Instead, it held off until my birthday.  …Yay?

So I’m going to keep this short so I can go back to drinking gallons of tea and devouring every book I can get my hands on so I don’t start bemoaning my fate.  Have some cake on my behalf, okay?


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Oh my! Get better soon! Still tickled that you funded! 🙂

So she knew about his infatuation with her, but was too chicken to tell him that she didn’t feel the same way for him as he did for her. It’s a tough thing to work up that kind of courage. I know I hate confrontation myself, so I could see how she’d go passive-aggressive to “get him off her case” looks like it backfired in this instance however!

I always feel so bad for Mizha when this subject comes up because she’s got every bit of narrative and female socialization going against her. She’s not allowed to assert her own desires; she’s supposed to want what he wants, and if she doesn’t, she’s bad for wanting to be her own person. But of course it would be as impossible to express that as it would be for Zhiro to express his level of disadvantage to Tama or something like that.

I love how you perceive all the layers I’ve tried to build into her character. It makes me very happy. Mizha has a pretty steep hill to climb, but she’s trying.

Mizha is honestly one of my favorite female characters in anything ever, because she’s so completely atypical. Her story is about actively confronting all the things girls are socialized to be, without her turning into some kind of sword wielding badass or smashing the patriarchy or anything like that. Her story is personal instead of systemic and I really appreciate that.

*sigh* sorry Mizha, but emotions don’t generally work that way. It is entirely too possible to want someone and hate them at the same time, or even to hate them because you want them. Lucky for you Zhiro isn’t like that.

Though I do also think that Skysong has a very good point that society and its expectations of her is also very much at fault.

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