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C12P33 I Understand

C12P33 I Understand published on 7 Comments on C12P33 I Understand

WE ARE FUNDED! A huge, over-the-moon THANK YOU to Eric Menge for going above and beyond to take us over the goal. Your support means more than I can express to me and to the future of this project. You are my hero.

To everyone who has been backing and posting this week: YOU ARE THE GREATEST! It’s made a huge difference. Now that we’ve made the goal, what’s next?

We still need to keep pushing forward! There is always a chance that some payments will bounce or not process, and we want to make sure there is enough to move forward securely with the project. Please keep sharing, and if you’ve been on the fence I encourage you to jump down and get yourself a beautiful book!

We’ll also be revealing some Stretch Goals soon, so keep your eyes peeled for those!


For six months of darkness at the top of the world, Haelu lives amongst the villagers of Arbalest. Like every Night Twin before her, Haelu is a monster, destined for sacrifice. Unlike every Night Twin before her, Haelu dreams of a way out. Together with a candlemaker from a broken home, she will learn to transcend the role that Arbalest has laid out for her.What it Takes

In 2004, the world ended. Technology failed, disease reigned, and humanity fell–all except for a City in a Place. There, in a hidden civilization of scientists, doctors, and engineers, life as we know it continued…and everyone else wants what they have. The City will stand or fall based on the choices of a wandering survivor as she uncovers a history with the City she never knew she had. Join Colbey as she searches for her lost fiance and finds more than she ever bargained for. Rated R for violence and profanity.


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Then I am quite literally excited.

Not just because Kali and Zhiro are awesome, but because, like Pakku and Una, they have a lot to teach each other. Zhiro’s kind of a drama queen, and so is Kali, but she’s a lot better at handling it. I think together they can cut through a lot of junk, not only because Kali and Zhiro don’t have the personal history that the others do, but because Kali straight up doesn’t let anybody tell her no.

Basically, Kali for President 2K16.

Let us be frank, everyone in this story is a drama queen. I cannot think of a single character that isn’t. I can think of plenty that would deny such a charge (Warren, Pakku, I’m looking at you, friends) but deep down they still are.

…Also I would vote for Kali in a heartbeat.

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