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C12P32 No published on 11 Comments on C12P32 No

Hi LeyLians,

I need your help this week.

The Kickstarter for book 4 ends this Friday.  Kickstarters are, in many ways, a test of a creator and a test of a story’s readership.  I create LeyLines not only for my own edification, but also for you.  I try to make the best product I can for you.  To create a story that is unique, compelling, and interesting.  I hope it is one that speaks to you, that it means something to you.  That your week and your life is enriched by having this story to read and think about.

If you enjoy my work, whether LeyLines or my autobio stories I’ve been posting, I need you to share the Kickstarter this week.  I need you to help me get the word out about it, before it’s too late.  As I write this, we’re at 74%.  Close, but not quite there.

I know many of us here are introverts.  It can be especially hard for us to reach out to others.  I know that I often feel like I am “bugging someone” and it makes promotion especially hard.  I am asking you to push outside that comfort zone this week, because it has a huge impact.  It could be the difference between a successful campaign and a failed one.

And if you can, please become a backer.  Even if it’s just for a small amount.  $5 gets you a PDF, of any book in the series, which comes with 20 pages of extra material not available online.  I try to make these collections a special experience.  I know you can read the story here for free, and if you choose to support, it is because you want this story to succeed.  Those extra goodies are my way of saying “Thank you!” for believing in this project enough to back it.

$5 may not seem like a big deal, but if every reader that looked at today’s page chipped in that amount, we’d be more than fully funded by tomorrow.  It adds up.

So please take a moment to become a part of this story.  To help LeyLines grow.  If you’ve ever laughed or cried at a page, been intrigued by a blog post, or inspired by my work, please join your fellow LeyLians in helping the journey continue.  Make a post on Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr or your Social Media of Choice.  Introduce the Kickstarter to a friend, a parent, a sibling.  Encourage them to try it out with a small contribution.  Or chip in a few bucks yourself.  It all adds up.  As single, isolated people, we each can do great things.  But together?  Together, we can do the incredible.

If you’ve already backed:  THANK YOU!  YOU ARE AMAZING! <3

And to everyone, always and forever, thank you for reading.

Best Regards (and Optional!Hugs)



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I’m with Zhiro. Mizha has really demonstrated over and over that she can’t be trusted–she’s had legitimate reasons to be upset with Zhiro, but she’s never been able to express them well. And Zhiro needs some time to deal with his own stuff instead of having to deal with everyone else’s.

I remember reading somewhere — I wish I could find the source of this quote — that “Telling someone ‘Trust me’ can be an act of violence.” And at first I had a knee jerk rejection of that idea, but I kept on thinking about it. And I can see how, if someone has repeatedly violated boundaries and shown themselves to be unsafe, that person demanding trust yet again is demanding the other person to willfully let down barriers they already know the aggressor is likely to break again. I think there are nuances. Every person and relationship is different. Every act of giving trust is a huge leap of faith, and sometimes people will surprise us. Yet there are also times when a person is untrustworthy, and nobody is obligated to trust another simply on their say-so.

That is a great quote. And especially applicable in this situation, where Mizha and Zhiro already have a racially charged relationship and Mizha has betrayed Zhiro in specific, racially charged ways.

Can we get off the feels train, please? I wasn’t prepared.

Hmm, is that all Zhiro speaking, or has Dream Eater influenced him recently? 🙂

Trust is a difficult thing to give. Even partial trust. It is also extremely easy to betray trust. It can be something as simple as not having your friend’s back during their argument, car issues keeping you from making an engagement, not doing something you told a coworker you’d do on the way out the door. It wasn’t an intended betrayal, it was “She has this, I don’t need to interfere. ” or “The vehicle is broke, it isn’t like I’m doing this on purpose! ” or simply forgetting as you rush to leave… But the damage is done. Soooo easy to betray trust. A lot of the time, a person doesn’t even realize that they don’t trust that other anymore, not until it’s pointed out. “You never let me help you anymore! ” or “Why don’t you invite me to your events anymore? ” or not helping so and so because you feel they won’t appreciate your teamwork. Trust is stupidly fragile, really.

Repeated unintended betrayals are especially damaging. I think we can forgive some things once. Maybe even twice. But if the same behavior comes up time and again, I think that trust is particularly hard to get back because most of the time, it’s exactly as you describe. It just becomes an unconscious avoidance.

Funny that trust can be so powerful, while still being so fragile.

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