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C12P29 – Are You Okay

C12P29 – Are You Okay published on 10 Comments on C12P29 – Are You Okay

You got one chance to walk away Mizha, but you couldn’t let it be, and Zhiro has officially reached the end of his ability to hold his tongue.

As is tradition, it’s the first vlog of the month over on Patreon, so it’s open to everyone!  If you’d like to see all my weekly vlogs, please become a supporter for as little as $1 a month!

In today’s vlog:

  • Character motives and how it impacts visual design.
  • Why Una does what she does and my hopes for her future.
  • The trial and error process of teaching.

To follow-up on the lesson-plans I discuss in the vlog, today’s class went really well.  I set up the projector and camera so they could see what I was drawing, and we went through the exercise together.  I asked them to pick an animal, then drew an animal character while talking about line of action.  Then we went through the three motivators (want, fear, belief) and discussed how we could reflect those aspects of the character in the drawing, adding things according to their suggestions.

Once we’d gone through all three, I asked them to come up with their own characters and go through the same activity.  I was really impressed at how some students crafted scenes and used props to help get their ideas across.  Lots of expressive drawings and creative ideas.  The substitute teacher who was helping me decided to participate as well and came up with a mysterious and battle-scarred mermaid.  Overall, it was a good day.  What did you get up to?



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Hey Lady, been loving this series of pages the past week.

Just wanted to let you know that the RSS is no longer tracking like it should. The last page in my feed is “Inquisitive”. So luckily I catch updates in my DA and on Twitter. Not sure if its special characters muffing it up or what. (‘) and the like.

Hm. I’ve had no issues with it – just came here via RSS. I’m looking through the raw XML now, and can tell you that no page called ‘Inquisitive’ appears in the current feed content at all. I’d say it’s your reader that’s failing to fetch the feed.

Glad you’ve been enjoying the pages!

On the RSS, I’ve taken a look at it too, and like Seth I’m seeing all the current pages. I’m not the most technical person, so I don’t know if there’s a way to refresh RSS? If anybody reading this has additional suggestions please post them!

Hold the line, Mihza! This is exactly what you both need to get through this! Though emotional with possible head trauma, on top of everything else is less good. I just had a moment of panic that Zhiro was actually unconscious and this was DE venting his feelings. Yay white round word bubble!

I love how realistic the group is, with all their faults and glories, but it is also why I worry so much for them. Hard to imagine a happy ending if they are so realistic.

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