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C12P28 – I am a God

C12P28 – I am a God published on 11 Comments on C12P28 – I am a God

When in doubt, insist that you’re somehow above being questioned and slam the door behind you.  In this case, the door slamming is more figurative than literal, but the discussion has been shut down just the same.  As we’ve seen before, Dream Eater’s shape is not always stable, and sometimes shifts depending on what he’s doing or his mood.  …Not that stability is Dream Eater’s strong point in general.

banner21The Kickstarter passed the halfway mark this weekend! Thank you to everyone that has backed and shared so far.  This story matters a lot to me and I’m very excited to bring you the newest beautiful book packed full of extra content.  If you enjoy LeyLines and want to help it grow and succeed, please take a moment this week to share it and consider becoming a backer.

October is the start of SpiderForest’s Comic of the Week 2016! CotW is where SpiderForest members share the work of their fellow comic creators. This week we launch into the fun and fantastical with two comics full of delightfully madcap energy, humor, and creativity.

A fun world-hopping adventure about a girl who talks to machines, a magical scavenger, and an over-zealous paladin.

Mailbox Rocketship

Aliens, magic, super powers and Death himself. Keith’s life just got complicated.

If you’d like to discover some new comics to read, I hope you’ll look forward to these CotW features for the next several weeks!


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Yes, Dream Eater, because storming out and doing the divine equivalent of stuffing your fingers in your ears screaming I CAN’T HEAR YOU is going to convince Zhiro of your all-powerful, infinitely-wise godlihood. And that there’s absolutely nothing wrong whatsoever.

Way to prove you are so much better than the people who have tormented and diminished you, Dream Eater. Especially since this entire vendetta is about the fact that people have suppressed and withheld information about you.

If he was calmer, the irony would not be lost on him. As it is, he’s a little too wrapped up in his own pain. I feel like we need Pakku to show up and point out this inconsistency to Dream Eater. It would be a Pakku thing to do.

…I’m trying to decide if Dream Eater would like or loathe him for that.

Today, while arguing with me, someone screamed at me that I should blow my face in with a gun. A 45 year old 6’4 male screamed at me. I rarely get truly angry. I rant and rave all day every day, but it is only skin deep. This, however, has me full of rage. Not so much that he feels it is a correct course of action, since I myself have questioned it a time or two, bit that he would assume that he has any sort of right to tell another individual when to end their life, that they SHOULD end their life. It isn’t his life to make such a verdict, and he certainly isn’t a God… I am angry that a human would dare tell another human what to do with their life.

You have every right to be angry. It’s never, ever, ever okay for anyone to tell somebody to kill themselves. Everyone is responsible for managing their own anger, and that is not an acceptable way to do it. I’m sorry that you had to deal with that. It is definitely not okay.

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