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C12P25 Answer Me

C12P25 Answer Me published on 12 Comments on C12P25 Answer Me

banner01Tama’s question has probably been bugging Zhiro all day.  If only he could remember what “he” did that day.



Please take a moment to check out the video and rewards.  (People have told me it’s my best video yet!  I’m very proud of how it turned out!)

I’ve set it up so that you can pick any book you want, not just volume four.  So if you want to start with the very first book, or round out an existing collection with books you might have missed, you can get those through this Kickstarter AND help the series continue at the same time.

If you’re not in a financial position to get a book or PDF, there are other ways to contribute!  Please share the campaign with friends or family.  Word of mouth is HUGE!  I’d love to have a strong start, to build up the momentum and introduce new people to the story.

Plus, backers get to choose what extras they’d like in the back of the book.  So if you’re dying for a particular character’s backstory, or you want to know all the juicy world-building details, or you’d love maps and diagrams of key locations, backers get to vote on all of that!  It’s my way of saying “Thank you!” for being helping LeyLines grow.




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I love how Dream Eater, trickster god of knowledge, has the same expressions as every person who’s ever been caught with their hand in the cookie jar and is quibbling on technicalities. It’s that “Weeelllllll….” look in the second panel there and I love everything about it XD I

It doesn’t help that Dream Eater has A Thing about people being accurate. It’s entirely possible that he might be physically incapable of letting a technicality slide without at least saying SOMETHING about how it’s not quite right.

Oh my god it’s the same exact motion and expression. That is so weird but also cool.

That would be Dream Eater’s “You have asked me to answer a question that is TECHNICALLY incorrect and I can’t let it go by without telling you so” posture. So basically it’s his way of saying WELL ACTUALLY with his body.

Can’t help but notice he didn’t do that when Koruval asked who killed his wife. Then again he might be capable of suppressing his urge to correct people when they’re being tricked by their own preconceptions.

…then again little Mizha mentioned she swears she locked the door, didn’t she?

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