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C12P23 – Mortals

C12P23 – Mortals published on 13 Comments on C12P23 – Mortals

*sing-song voice* Some-one’s feel-ing guil-tyyyy.

As bitter and cranky as Dream Eater’s acting, he’s really not a fan of the situation either.  Of course, he covers for it with a blustery veneer of unpleasantness, which is just EVER so helpful.  Congratulations, Dream Eater, you handle conflict resolution about as well as Tama.  Bravo.

Starting to kick into high gear for the Kickstarter prep.  I’ve got all the basic outlines and skeletons of things, but content to fill those outlines is lagging behind a bit.  GOTTA GO FAST GUYZ.

Oh!  In other news, I am very excited to be working with a local middle-school librarian on a series of six presentations (six!) on making comics.  This is a different event than the other school-related job I mentioned a week or two ago.  The amazing librarian that works at this school is very pro-comics and he’s running a course on graphic novels.  He invited me to do an assembly on my work a year (or two?) ago that was incredibly fun, and now he’s asked me to share my experience with his class.  So I’m excited to return and do a more in-depth exploration of the craft and process of comics and storytelling.

That’s my bit of good news for the week.  What have you been up to?


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Dream Eater, Zhiro is having a really bad day. Throw him a bone. And, you know, maybe lay off the whole “possessing his body to pursue your own ends” thing for a little bit.

That’s really exciting, Robin! I got a job at the Humane Society!!! 😀

First note: ace attention to detail. I love how the squirrel-wolves are really sad in the background like “Boss we just want you to be happy boss. Boss? D:”

Also, wow, Dream Eater does handle conflict pretty poorly… I was going to compare him to Una but, yeah, Tama also works >.>

I’m loving the parallel between Dream Eater and Zhiro. Neither wants to talk about their feelings with others. Neither trusts. I keep expecting Dream Eater to turn the tables on Zhiro and ask him why HE doesn’t talk about his feelings with his companions, if he knows that talking is helpful. At first, I wondered if Dream Eater wasn’t doing this on purpose, to teach Zhiro a lesson about the magic of friendship.

I’m … kinda feeling like Zhiro is deflecting here. Talk about your own feelings! That’s why you made this call! Dream Eater already said he doesn’t want to talk about his right now. Let it go.

Zhiro is definitely deflecting. But so is Dream Eater. As you noted, there are definitely parallels between them. It’s like they’re playing a game of Talk-To-Me-Ping-Pong.

Honestly, if Dream Eater was in a better state of mind, this is totally something he might do to teach Zhiro a magical lesson about friendship. So that’s not outside the realm of possibility (and he would totally take credit for it, even if it was unintentional).

“Oh, I see, you meant for me to learn this ALL ALONG!”
“…yes, totally. That was absolutely my intention. Good job. What a clever student.”

Congrats! That is exciting news!

I don’t think I have anything as exciting. I fixed an issue at work yesterday that was blocking several other teams. It came at the cost of getting my own team’s work done, but the issue was our responsibility, and hopefully it earned us some good will. 🙂

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