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C12P20 – Favorite

C12P20 – Favorite published on 13 Comments on C12P20 – Favorite

Buddy. Friend. Best bud. Why the questions? Can’t we all just…hang out? Pet the squirrel dogs? Like pals? Yeah, like pals…

But noooooo Zhiro’s gotta go pointing out things the Keepers said. Way to RUIN the moment, Zhiro.

Cory and I went out to the used book & media store today (2nd & Charles) and picked up Little Big Planet 2 (we’ve been looking for a couch multi-player) and Hancock. LBP 2 is loading a bajillion updates as I post this, so I haven’t gotten a chance to play it yet, but I hope it’s a good experience. Cory and I wish there were more games we could play locally as a couple. That weren’t shoot-em-up zombie gore-fests, that is. I can handle the shoot-em aspect — one of the Uncharted games had a pretty fun multiplayer, and we play Borderlands games quite a bit — but the gore and the jump scares of zombie games just gross me out. It all feels unnecessary.

We got into playing local co-ops with Portal 2, which has a fantastic multi-player. Solving puzzles in Portal is fun solo, but something about doing it together, seeing how the other person thinks, or figuring out what each person’s strengths are, is really fun.

We tried to play Ibb and Obb, which was fun for a bit, but then we got to a section that required such perfect synchronization of movement that we couldn’t get past it and had to admit defeat. Which is never something you want to have happen in a game. Challenge, good. Unplayable for a mere mortal…not so much.

Anyway, playing video games with a partner is fun and I wish there were more good local co-op games out there. Also, I’m now trying to imagine what games the cast would play…I think Mario Cart for the main four would be good, although you just KNOW that Tama and Mizha would be cheap about it. Blue shell! BLUE SHELL! I see Kali as a sniper player in some sort of shooting game, though I’m not sure which. Mizha and Zhiro might both enjoy puzzle games. Dream Eater would be super into esoteric indie games just for the sheer enjoyment of the ingenuity of it all. And he’d love Journey. Love. It.

Any co-op games to recommend? For me, or for the cast, or for one of your own characters?


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Why not the Lego game franchise? They are hilarious and do not require much brain. This is what I like in my co-op. (Incidentally, though, I have the same problem. I hate first-person shooters–any kind of shooting game, really. I suck at them. And I’m bad at Mario. So my options have always been limited.)

Zhiro doesn’t always voice his questions, but he always has them. I think that’s just the way his mind works. He’s always asking questions. We just get to actually hear them get voiced when he’s with his Best Bud Forever Dream Eater.

Oddly enough, Cory has been really resistant to the Lego games. Which is odd, because Legos themselves he loves (we have bins and bins of them) but the appeal doesn’t seem to translate to the video game form.

Sanctum 2 is my pick for co-op games. It’s an FPS/tower defense hybrid, so a shooter, but much more strategic and less gory than most, and the concept is brilliantly executed. It supports 1-4 players, with online matchmaking and private parties.

Dream Eater should definitely check out Winter Voices, which is about as esoteric as indie games get, and love-it-or-hate-it material. I love it, but I gather many people are turned off by the idea of an RPG in which the goal in battles is typically just to run away or survive for a set number of turns, and the narration is all cryptic poetry reminiscent of Edgar Allen Poe. Probably didn’t help that it it had game-breaking bugs long after launch, either (it’s playable now).

Both of these sound excellent. Cory and I will definitely check out Sanctum 2, and I personally am intrigued by Winter Voices. I tend to fall on the “love” side of love-it-or-hate-it things.

I think the poetry aspect would be what Dream Eater would enjoy the most. I think he’s secretly a poetry lover. I bet he has stashes of collections hidden away…and even more secret caches of things HE has tried to write, which nobody will ever, EVER see.

I can easily imagine Dreameater having tons of fun playing Fallen London. It has such a weird, cryptic and gently menacing style that I think fits him perfectly.

Yes! I think he’d love both Fallen London and Sunless Sea. Both of them have this “just figure it out” kind of narrative gameplay where you’re not actually SUPPOSED to know how everything works at the start. You just have to take some risks and figure it out as you go, and sometimes you might die on the way, but hey that’s what the journey is all about, right?

Just binge read the entire comic from the beginning. Fantastic! This is definitely a new favorite for me. Can’t wait for more!

I’m so glad you enjoyed your archive dive! Now that you’re all caught up, you can expect new pages every Monday and Wednesday, both here and on DA, if you prefer to follow there. You can also keep appraised of new content by Twitter or Facebook, where I always post update announcements. There’s also Patreon, if you want to get every page early. Oh! And RSS. So many options. I’ve probably forgotten a few others too. I’m…not the best at remembering things. :/

May I ask how you found LL? I’m always curious how people discover my little corner of the internet.

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