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C12P18 – A Plea

C12P18 – A Plea published on 5 Comments on C12P18 – A Plea

High-five to Fish for their astute observation about the one person (or god, in this case) Zhiro would actually feel like talking to. As we’ve seen in a past conversation between Zhiro and Dream Eater, the two of them have a fairly decent rapport with each other. Before that whole…vague bargain thing. I’m sure the things Dream Eater has done won’t get in the way of their relationship, right? RIGHT?

Sorry about the delayed update today. It’s been a weird weekend. Cory normally has days off on Sunday and Monday, but for the next three-to-four weeks he’ll be working six-day-weeks. Which has thrown off my schedule as well, because I’m used to updating in the middle of our “weekend” not the end of it. Which is what yesterday FELT like, since I knew he’d be going to work today. Augh, you mess with my routines, and I have trouble tracking time. It’s funny, if I have something on a calendar, I’m fine, because I have a routine around building a weekly schedule and noting anything out-of-the-ordinary. It’s the things that I do every single week, like update, or see my therapist, or have a weekend on a particular day, that I struggle keeping track of if they’re changed.


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(runs in to accept mah high five)
(runs out)

That sound you hear is me banging my head against the desk. Yes, Zhiro, I’m sure this is fantastic and Dream Eater will in no way MAKE THINGS WORSE because he’s got his own agenda-slash-ax to grind. As a writer, I appreciate your characters’ complexity and flaws. As a reader… I want to smack their heads together until they STOP BEING DUMB AND TALK LIKE PEOPLE.

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