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Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

(Note this has nothing to do with the page: on the sidebar, you have “vision” spelled wrong.)

I love the setup of the page, and also how it ties into the previous page.

In other news: AHH ZHIRO MY HEART

Just goes to show that everybody needs an editor. Also, that it figures that the image about editing is the one with the typo. This is why I’m a developmental editor and not a copy editor. You want to talk theme, characterization, and structure? I will help make your story amazing. You need help with spelling and grammar? Friend, I will not see it, I am absolutely blind to those kinds of errors. Thanks for catching it and letting me know!!

This page reminds me a lot of the early page you did with Mizha breaking the mirror and how you talked aobut how breaking mirrors to you was about shattering your self-image.

Zhiro’s self-image is pretty shattered right now… you’ve consistently used this broken-glass style panel in that sort of context even since the very beginning.

I like playing with panels because they are the spaces that time exists within in a comic. Normally they’re so regular and orderly. So what does that mean when the panel itself starts to break down? Or if someone steps outside of the panel? (Side note: Pakku interacts directly with panels, or exists outside of them, or casually crosses over them more than any other character. Why? I have no idea, it’s just at Thing that tends to happen when I’m drawing with that I only became aware of later.)

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