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C12P15 – Love

C12P15 – Love published on 6 Comments on C12P15 – Love

So…that went well. By which I mean, was probably said in the worst way possible. But you did it, Mizha. You said what you’ve been sitting on for a very long time now. Years. So…progress?


I’m excited to announce the Kickstarter for Volume 4 will be launching in mid-September! The artwork and writing for this book is some of my best work to date, and this volume will include not only over 160 pages of the story, but 20 pages of extra goodies, making it the LARGEST LeyLines book yet!

I’m overjoyed to create the next installment of my series, but I’ll need your help to fund it. Let’s take this next step of the journey together this September!



Sorrel, my color flatter, IS THE BEST PERSON TO WORK WITH EVER AND I LOVE HER SO MUCH. If you’re not aware, Sorrel helps me with every page. I send her my inks and she fills in all the color flats, to help me finish each page that much faster. Her work is what all my awesome patrons on Patreon help me to pay for. (Thank you Patrons!! YOU ARE ALSO THE BEST PEOPLE EVER AND I LOVE YOU ALSO SO MUCH!) In addition to the work she does for every page, Sorrel was the artist for the inks on this chapter’s cover. Which is gorgeous, because she is CRAZY skilled that way.

Sometimes, Sorrel sends more than just the file flats though. Sometimes, she sends me little extras. This is a panel from chapter 13, which she added some helpful dialog suggestions to today:
It’s things like this that make working with someone not only helpful, but an absolute joy.

Also, like, SHUT UP Tama what do YOU know? Those fluffy scenes had – had – had – uh – ARTISTIC MERIT and – AND STUFF! I bet YOU just back another ship! That’s what I bet!

(It’s totally true, Tama is TOTES into the other ship and he is NOT above sabotaging the fiction of others to push his agenda forward but COME ON Tama don’t be like that! Add to the world, buddy! Just write your OWN fic! Let’s make the fanbase a bigger and more welcoming place, yeah?)


Today has been a pretty fun day with a lot of fun news. Anybody else have something exciting or funny to share?? It could even be the best cat pic you’ve seen lately. DID IT MAKE YOU SMILE? Yes? LET US KEEP THE GOOD TIMES ROLLING!


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