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C12P14 Wait published on 11 Comments on C12P14 Wait

If you leave now, she may never have the nerve to bring it up again…

Today is the 30th birthday of Cory, my husband. Happy Birthday, my love! Last night we went over to his folks and spent some time with them and his grandmama and her significant other. We had marbled sugar steaks three inches thick, home-made mac-n-cheese, grilled corn on the cob, salad with tomatoes from the garden, and a from-scratch peach pie made with brandy and local Colorado peaches. (Which are, pretty much, THE BEST peaches.) Then we played Code Names, a really fun board game that Christina Major of Sombulus introduced us two when we roomed with her and Mark at Phoenix Comicon earlier this year. We talked about the Olympics, weird lawsuits, funny stories, tequila and its after-effects, and very nearly avoided discussing politics entirely which was a relief all of its own. Overall, a pretty nice way to celebrate and relax.

What was your favorite Birthday Party like?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

I certainly hope this will be a productive and wonderful conversation, but somehow I doubt it.

That sounds like a lovely party! What do you like for your own birthday?

As for me, I had a very fancy party in college where I made everyone dress up pretty. I made food–I think homemade ravioli–and ice cream. It was awesome.

At the very least, it will be a learning experience…eventually.

It’s funny, I have trouble celebrating my own birthday. Not because I mind getting older – growing up has been by far the best thing to ever happen to me – but because it always feels like there’s a lot of pressure to be happy on that day and it often stresses me out!

Although I admit that a dress up party sounds fun. Was it a fancy dress up, or a themed dress up?

Happy Birthday, Cory! ^^

I’m not sure what the funnest party *I’ve* ever had was, but it was probably a long while ago. =P

*Optional!Hugs for the two of you*

I’m not a huge party person either. I’m usually the awkward one in the corner wishing there were about 1/5 of the people present…or that it would be socially acceptable to read a book instead of socialize. I do not think that most of Cory’s relatives understand this about me yet.


Happy Birthday, Cory! Wow, that menu sounds amazing.

This year, one of my friends cooked me dinner for my birthday. It was incredibly sweet and I didn’t have to organize it (I find it hard to enjoy a party while running it), and it was very small (we invited a few people but they couldn’t make it, which worked well, because I’m uncomfortable being the center of attention in a group), and it was easily the nicest birthday I’ve had in years. We ate some kind of whole fish, and artichokes, and potatoes, and … something else… kale maybe? I think there was something sweet too at the end. Cake with berries, maybe? It was really wonderful and I felt really cared for.

Thank you for the positive prompt! Its good to sit and think on happy memories.

I also have trouble enjoying things I have to run, so your friends dinner bash sounds really relaxed and wonderful. Not to mention tasty!

I guess I have had a string of pretty dour questions lately, haven’t I? I’ll try to keep an eye on some more off-the-wall or positive thoughts for future updates. It’s funny, you can usually gauge my stress levels by the questions I’m asking, although it isn’t always apparent to ME!

I apologize! I did not mean the thank you in a back handed way!

I think its normal to put thinking on stuff that needs solving. Its more interesting because skill sharing may improve things for the group. 🙂

I don’t mind your normal string of questions at all!

Though, if this question was an indication that your stress levels are down, then I am glad for it! 😀

Ah! To quote Data: “Your apology is appreciated, but unnecessary. I am unharmed.” I took it more as a simple observation that I found an interesting reflection of my blog. I admit I have felt somewhat insecure about my blogs lately. I’ve been worried more and more about saying the wrong thing. I feel like I must be alienating people and driving readers away. Part of me has wondered if I should stop doing them completely. If maybe it really is better to let the work stand on its own without creator comment.

But then there is another part of me that worries that these thoughts are the self-sabotaging kind, and in actual fact everything is fine and I am making mountains out of molehills. That maybe the exact opposite is true to what I am perceiving. It feels like participation is down lately, but that could be for a variety of reasons. The summer season, for example. Or maybe this particular section just isn’t prompting people to jump in as much. Or maybe it’s just my anxiety ABOUT the blogs that shapes my perception rather than there being some issue that’s actually there.

…ooooh Self. Why do you make everything so complicated?

Hey! Miri here just letting you know:


I know that I for one haven’t been participating as much more because of my own life than anything you’re asking! I haven’t felt like I have much to shrae and my depression has been making thigns hard recently. The summer heat and humidity is oppressive here and Benji (the spouse) has been realy really super stressed at work and I’ve been picking up on him. It’s not you, it’s me, and it’s probably us (as in all the readers). Plus I’m enjoying your story so much it’s hard to break off and focus on the blog. DON’T YOU DARE TAKE THAT AS A BAD THING. The blog is great and I love it and it really brings your readers together! Just been caught up in Mizha’s emotions a little overmuch.

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