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C12P11 Understandable

C12P11 Understandable published on 5 Comments on C12P11 Understandable

Zhiro might not remember his brush with death (on account of him being Dream Eater at the time) but he nonetheless heard enough of what happened to take it personally. So his perspective on events is a bit different. That, and he doesn’t know Kali’s tribe. Whereas Zhiro will make countless justifications for his own family’s behavior. The mental hoops we go through to explain things sometimes…

Since it is the first Vlog of the month, the first Patreon vlog is open to all viewers. If you’d like to get access to all my weekly vlogs, you can by chipping in as little as $1 a month. Please consider making a contribution. Every piece helps keep this comic going! And, as always, a huge thank you to those that are already patrons. I love the community we’re building together. It’s wonderful to have such a safe and welcoming group to share the ups and downs of this journey with. You are THE BEST!!


  • First draft done for chapter 13! Editing commences.
  • Kicking around some ideas for short stories, including a new comic anthology submission.
  • T-Shirt designs for Wavemen by the wonderful Jonas McCluggage

In the video I mentioned that the SpiderForest Webcomic Collective, which I am a part of, is accepting webcomic submissions through August 22nd! What are we looking for?

(The design for the SpiderFriend was made by the creators of CosmicDash and Xylobone Tomes.  The illustrations for this particular graphic are mine.  Complete with the Bob Ross Spider Friend, which was drawn with this remix on loop.  The painting was made using some of the techniques Bob Ross uses, applied to Photoshop.  And I’m ridiculously proud of how this whole graphic turned out.)

How can you apply? Just fill out the form here! There’s also the F.A.Q. if you want more information, and you can always join the forums and ask questions directly!



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Ouch. You can really feel for both Kali and Zhiro, here. :<

In the meantime, Spider Friend is ridiculously cute!


I wanted this to be a situation where there’s no “This is me, the author, saying who is Right and who is Wrong.” Every character has a distinct perspective, opinion, set of biases, emotional response, and personal logic. They’re all right. They’re all wrong. Nobody is going to see anything exactly the same. My hope is that it feels honest and true.

And yay for Spider Friend! Never did I think I’d ever want a hug from an arachnid, but Spider Friend proved me wrong.


Well, yes, Kali’s tribe almost killed you, but Kali saved you.


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