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C12P09 – Mistakes

C12P09 – Mistakes published on 12 Comments on C12P09 – Mistakes

Mizha gives Tama a run for his money in the bratty face championship…

I’m a little shaken up today. On Cory’s commute home this came off the truck in front of him and bounced off the road, at 60 mph on the interstate, smashing into the windshield of our car.


This is what the windshield looks like now:

The inside is covered in shattered glass, where the force of the hitch broke the glass and shot pieces of it all over the interior and Cory. He was covered in it. We used one of those rolly sticky things to get all the bits and pieces off of him, like it was cat hair.

The owner of the hitch kept driving. Cory put his hazard lights on and started flashing his brights, but when the driver showed no sign of stopping, Cory followed until he could record the license plate number.

The hitch was buried so deeply into the window that it didn’t come off until after he’d exited the interstate, followed the driver, gotten the plate number, and at last pulled over at a safe location to assess the damage.

The cops didn’t seem interested in investigating when Cory called them, so we get to see if the insurance people can track down the owner. If not, we’re looking at a big ol’ bill for repairs, until we hit the $500 deductible.

When I called the insurance agency to start the claim process, the woman helping me asked when Cory’s birthday was. It’s next month, and she exclaimed, “Oh no! What a terrible thing to have happen just before a birthday!”

I replied, “Well, he gets to see another birthday. That’s a pretty good gift.”

But after I got off the call, I got really shaky. I got way too close to losing someone I love today.

Way too close.


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

RE the page: I love the lighting on this page…. it seems like you’ve captured that special lighting reserved for sunrise and sunset… that sort of pink, rose colored hue that is just so damn beautiful!

RE Cory: I saw that yesterday on your Twitter… Holy cow! I’ve been hit by lug nuts before and THAT does some damage, but an ENTIRE TRAILER HITCH?? How do you NOT know your hitch is not secure!? How do you not see that the person behind you ate your fricking 10 lb piece of steel?? That is testament to the integrity of safety glass that it didn’t penetrate all the way into the cab.

I’m very glad to hear he is okay, impressed that he was able to continue driving after such an incident, and maintain his lane and not make things worse. Not sure I would have had the same fortitude.

I hope you get some resolution on the matter. Just to let you know we recently replaced our car’s windshield at about $250… so deductible (reporting it to the insurance company) isn’t going to be worth it unless you can get the dude responsible. I hope you do, I hope his insurance goes up for this. X(

Sunset is a unique challenge. I wanted to experiment with lighting from different times of day in this chapter, so this early-rose sunset was a fun visual to tackle.

Regarding Cory’s accident, I too am super impressed with the powers of safety glass. The engineers earned their pay the day they designed that windshield! And I’m also impressed Cory was able to keep such a cool head in the situation.

We did manage to get the glass replaced today, but no word on whether they’ve tracked down the driver responsible, so for now we’re eating the $350 bill. Ouch!!!

If the insurance company doesn’t want to track the person down, it would be a pretty easy case for a private investigator, depending how far down the rabbit hole you want to go! Glad he’s safe–definitely some scary stuff right there *hugs*

First off, I’m really really glad to hear that Cory is okay! That is some scary crap right there. Hopefully it won’t cost too much to get the damage fixed.

Second, my first thought on seeing the comic page, was to think : Mizha is definitely Tama’s sister, they look so much alike when they make that face!

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