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C12P07 – Told him yet

C12P07 – Told him yet published on 2 Comments on C12P07 – Told him yet

I think Tama would be genuinely shocked to learn that the people around him police themselves to the extent that they do. I mean, he’s not stupid. He knows people don’t always say what they mean, but it’s not something he’s ever had cause to actually think about. Tama says whatever he’s thinking, even when those thoughts are cruel. He’s no stranger to lying, trickery, or to political maneuvering.

I just don’t think he can comprehend a world in which people would NOT say things to protect themselves. He’s never had to police himself, and as a result has a hard time fully understanding why someone else might see the need to. Beyond all the other reasons he wishes Zhiro would get mad, he might simply be confused and thus frustrated that Zhiro won’t speak his mind when, from Tama’s perspective, there isn’t any risk.

There are no doubt more than a few choice words in Zhiro’s journal about the Scion’s lack of understanding. Maybe Zhiro will even say them out loud one day.

I mentioned Rosetta Tharpe last update, so I thought I’d share a documentary I found on her. Her music was the precursor to rock-and-roll, and her influence was significant both on US and UK artists. Little Richard and Muddy Waters both credit her as an influence, and artists like Elvis Presley have been noted as having distinct similarities in style, particularly in early work. There’s also some evidence to indicate she was bisexual, as openly as one could be in that time period. Which I just think is neat, since history has a tendency to pretend that non-heterosexual folks haven’t existed prior to modern times. Or heck, that they even exist now.

So if you have some time, grab a snack and treat yourself to an interesting and unique woman who contributed toe-tapping music to the evolution of rock-and-roll!


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I think Tama’s especially struggling with the fact that they’re alone, away from civilization, and Zhiro still won’t speak his mind. He thinks they’re on the same footing now, when nothing is further from the truth. There’s always going to be a wall there, Tama, no matter how much you want to ignore it.

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