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C12P05 – Urg!

C12P05 – Urg! published on 8 Comments on C12P05 – Urg!

Tama makes the brattiest of faces.

In our spoiled Scion’s defense, Zhiro does avoid talking about things a lot. Five-year-old-bad-blood between him and Mizha? Pointed remarks that avoid the issue. Just had a shouting match with a nightmare version of himself? Insists that he’s fine. Accused of making a deal with a trickster god? Has no comment. Gets yelled at for calling Koruval his father? Calmly agrees on the technicality. Asked to talk about the past? Insists it’s forgotten. Gets confined to quarters? Doesn’t want to talk about it.

In Zhiro’s defense, he puts up with a lot of kizak from a whole lot of people. Way more than he deserves.

Also, the aforementioned brattiness doesn’t help.

In day-to-day news, Cory and I sat down for our monthly business meeting to talk about Kickstarter plans. Volume four is on our to-make list for 2016. We’re trying to figure out what to offer for stretch goals, since I feel we’ve never quite gotten those right. “What do LeyLians like?” I asked, “What kind of people are they?”

The tricky thing is, those turn out to be difficult questions to answer. This story doesn’t hit a “boys ages 8-10” easy-to-sum-up demographic. We have old and young, male and female, cis and trans*, thinkers and feelers, those battling mental illness and those who are not, readers of vastly different ethnic and national backgrounds, and no clear bubble that everyone fits into. At shows, we’ve learned to talk to everyone, because there’s no “look” to a LeyLian. The story might not be for everyone, but anyone could be a LeyLines reader.

Trying to find that mysterious Venn diagram that everyone fits into has been a mystery that I’m starting to think I will never solve. Many LeyLians seem like introverts, I suppose. A lot of you are fellow book-worms. Authors like Neil Gaiman, Ursula K. Le Guin, Tolkien, Jim Butcher, and Tamora Pierce seem to come up a lot. Many of you are Whovians. A lot of us love Star Trek, although we’ve all got our favorite Trek (DS9!). A lot of us also love Star Wars, and for the most part we seem to be in the “can’t we all just love both?” camp of whether Trek or Wars is better. Firefly and other Whedon offerings seem to have a cult following here (although I’m not sure there’s any community that doesn’t have a secret Whedon cult following somewhere in its midst!). Based on the discussions we’ve had here, many LeyLians are thorough and thoughtful, enjoying discussion and exploration of ideas. Some through drama and emotion, other through abstract concepts and attention to the tiniest of details.

Where are the common threads? And how does that knowledge translate into creating products that LeyLians would love to have?

These are the questions that always baffle me when it comes to brainstorming stretch goals. I may never unlock the puzzle that is this group. I just know that you’re a wonderful group of people to be around.


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Yeah, I can’t really blame Zhiro as much for his reticence considering who he grew up with. Not just because of the racial differences–Tama is such a chore. And Mizha never talks about when she’s hurt, so I’m sure he picked up some of his silence from her. Kali will be good for them.

Buttons! And stickers!!! Please just make me a line of Mizha rainbow stickers.

The family as a whole is big on standing on one of two extremes when it comes to expressing feelings. Tama spits everything out as thoughtlessly as possible, and Mizha throws up smoke screens to obscure every emotion. Neither is particularly useful when it comes to communication skills.

I wish now that I’d spent more time with the Keepers, because Zhiro interacts and communicates with them differently. Five years isn’t long enough to overcome a lifetime of conditioning, but it was a start.

Zhiro probably could use better confidants. Or advice-givers, for that matter…

As for merchandise (and as someone who wouldn’t be able to buy it either way): I think Miri and Skysong got all of the most interesting ones, personally. Vignettes, maybe?

Zhiro could definitely benefit from better confidants and advice-givers. The ones he has right now are…suspect. And all have their own agenda.

I’m pursuing the vignettes idea at the moment, both in comic and written form. It will be interesting to see how that develops!

It feels like Zhiro has a history of speaking up and getting punished for it. When that happens, you learn to keep as much hidden as you can bear, and to communicate it more subtle ways. It feels like every time Zhiro says “it’s fine” he’s actually saying “I don’t think you care about me enough to give me the space to be hurt”.

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