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C12P04 – Never

C12P04 – Never published on 6 Comments on C12P04 – Never

Wellllll gosh Zhiro, that’s a bit awkward, but unfortunately you don’t know why. However, we can be assured that Kali will save up a great big “I told you so” just for you. She’s a generous soul, that way.

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Actions that could probably be considered Dream Eater Schemes include confronting the Keepers and writing the letter that declared Zhiro banished. Oh! And possibly being snarky at Mizha. Does that count as a scheme? Or is being snarky more of just a pastime? Where do mustaches fall on the Scheme spectrum?

After all the buildings and structures of Kuzopa, I’m enjoying the organic landscapes of this chapter very much! It’s nice to be drawing mountains and trees and rocks and so on. Ah! Dirt! Who knew I’d miss you so much?

Last week I was in a drawing frenzy. All of June was taken up going from one convention to another, and that completely kills my ability to create. So I think I had a lot of pent-up creativity that needed to get out. I am happy to say that the last page of chapter 12 is now inked and in the queue to be colored! Chapter 12 will be 43 pages long, returning us to the “normal” LeyLines chapter size. I’ve been brainstorming for chapter 13, but for some reason I really struggle to write script for the next chapter when I haven’t finished drawing the one before it. It’s a rather strange creative quirk! There’s a weird nervousness about drawing everything first. As though my brain isn’t ready to get into Writing Mode until I know for sure the chapter I’m illustrating is 100% stable. Even though it would probably be more efficient to write and draw simultaneously.

Although I did work on the script for a vignette. I’m thinking of doing little shorts, to keep up with how things are progressing in Kuzopa with Una and Pakku and the rest of that cast, in between chapters with our main cast. My friend Eric, of Snow by Night, does this and it seems like an interesting idea. I think part of why chapter 11 sprawled so much was because there was a lot in that plot-line that had been left unaddressed. So my current thought under consideration would be to have short, 10-15 page vignettes in between each chapter. That way we could check in without having a huge gap between main-cast chapters. What do you think?


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I’d like that, for one! ^^ Don’t know if everyone will, but at least you have my vote – and your own perspective, which comes first since it’s YOUR project! 😉


Zhiro, you really need to get some therapy and learn how to express yourself, okay? This isn’t healthy.

I like the vignette idea. Have you read Sister Claire? It does “Missing Moments,” which are storybook style pages that illuminate some aspect of what’s happening in the main comic.

This whole family could do with some therapy. I’m not sure the occupation exists yet, in this world. At least not as an official practice. Priest is probably the closest option…but for being the High Sage line, the worship of the Visionary religion has degraded significantly in the va Naza line. Tama’s probably the closest to an atheist that a world with gods you can talk to has.

I have not read Sister Claire, but I shall look it up! Thank you!

I would love vignettes, but you shouldn’t feel you need to do them. The chapter break is fine as it is.

It’s good to know taking a chapter break is supported! That said, I think that vignettes could be something fun to explore. I could play with the medium too. Maybe do illustrated stories, or prose, or work with some guest artists! It could be a way for me to expand my skills and interact with new people. We’ll see!

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