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C12P01 – None of them

C12P01 – None of them published on 6 Comments on C12P01 – None of them

A lot of this chapter will be framed with Zhiro’s journal entries. He keeps so much of his inner thoughts to himself that it was the only way to get him to open up to the audience and still seem natural. His journal is one of the few places he fully expresses himself.

A huge thank you to Jacques Nyemb and Jules Rivera, both of whom are absolute juggernauts of creativity and awesomeness, for making time to help me edit this chapter. They both gave me great feedback and valuable perspectives to shape later drafts. Any mistakes I lay claim to, but there’d be a lot more of them without their help!


Jacques Nyemb

is the cretor of Not So Super Comics. In Jacques’ words: “Not So Super Comics is an independent comics publishing company. Our goal is to deliver GREAT comics that anyone can enjoy.”

He works with so many different artists to create unique and exciting stories, such as Smorgasbord Squad, This Bites, and the eponymous Not So Super. 20160628_HumanescentHis most recent project was the delightful comic anthology Humanescent, a collection of stories about being human.

He’s been teasing folks on his Facebook page with bits and pieces of the story FOR SO MANY MONTHS and I have been downright HUNGRY for this book!! So happy to have gotten a chance to back it.

(I got the special “Kiddo’s Reward” because his daughter is a budding artist and she wanted to help her dad with his Kickstarter by making special exclusive art and IT WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER. So I absolutely had to get a young Ms. Nyemb original. Seriously, Jacques has the most amazing family. His daughters are such intelligent and talented kids full of adventure and a willingness to boldly go out and discover. Also, she’s playing the violin. AT FOUR. I couldn’t even figure out how to open books correctly at age four. I AM IN SUCH AWE.)

And if all that coolness wasn’t enough, Jacques is also working on an animation project. You know, just on the side. No biggies. Just the coolest thing in the world. HOW DO YOU DO THIS ALL JACQUES?? ARE YOU SECRETLY A TIME TRAVELER??


Jules Rivera

is also incredibly multi-talented and working on SO MANY cool things!

In her own words, “I’m a freelance illustrator specializing in sci-fi illustration, comics work, and 2D animation. If it’s fun, colorful and energetic, I will draw it. Or animate it. Or color it. Or paint it.

Currently one of the featured artists on ASB Games. My client list also includes Fox ADHD, IDW Publishing and ComixTribe Publishing, Action Lab Entertainment as an animator, comics interior and cover artist.”20160628_Princeless-Shorts-2

Jules does her own original comics like Valkyrie Squadron and Misfortune High. She also is a colorist, cover artist, inker, and letterer professionally, not to mention a creator of sci-fi design and storyboards.

In short: Jules Rivera an unstoppable powerhouse of comic art and animation. If you’re interested in having Jules work on one of your projects, her contact info is here!

Again, many thanks to both of them for making time for my script in their very, very, (SUPER EXCEPTIONALLY) busy schedules. You’re both utterly fantastic in every way.


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