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C11P94 Conviction

C11P94 Conviction published on 13 Comments on C11P94 Conviction

I had a lot of fun playing with lighting on this page. Originally I was planning to make the right side of Renar’s face blacked out with a hard shadow, but I changed my mind when I was working on it. I’m still going back and forth if I made the right choice. With dramatic spot blacks, you really have to commit to them for them to look good, and I always get too attached to my details, even to the detriment of the piece overall.

The most favorable opinion Renar could give on Warren would probably be that his brother is an unformed piece of clay. He can be shaped and fired, and perhaps one day, after a good deal of work, he might make an excellent tool.

(Were Tama present, he might lean in at this point and suggest that Warren is already a tool, he’s just not a very useful one.)

(Of course, if Mizha were present, she might have to remind Tama that he’s not exactly what a lot of people would consider useful either.)

Ah…the loving support of siblings. So helpful. So kind. So fraught with Zingers.

Ever gotten a good zinger in with a sibling (by blood or bond)?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

I really like the composition of this page! Sadly, I don’t have any real siblings of my own, so I make do with zingers between fictional ones.

(Once one of my characters told her brother to go drown himself because the sound of him dying in the water would be more intelligent than anything he’d said that day, which I think is probably my best sibling zinger, if a bit more witty than anything anyone in real life could manage.)

Dang, your character was coooooold. Although no doubt justified. Siblings.

He kind of did deserve it, but why is probably too long a story. Ah, siblings. My roleplaying partner has two siblings, one of whom is a reclusive artist who lives in his room and the other of whom is a party girl with horrible taste in guys and a co-dependent personality, so I have a lot of material to work with.

I think they underestimate Renar.

Been away a while, 2015 sucked immensely for me. I have enjoyed catching up on the archives
Your art just keeps improving, and the story line still captures me.

Welcome back! 2015 was rough for a lot of really good people. Sorry to hear you were among the ranks of great people that got walloped. Thanks so much for taking some time in 2016 to visit though! Have things been better for you so far?

Yes, if only because I have not any mothers (or step moms…. or mother in laws) to lose. All three in less than six months. I learned a ton about myself though, and how I handle closure, regret, responsibility, compassion … I was more mature than I thought I would be. I also have a lot more :people in my corner than I thought. Oh, and the silver lining- my brother is now under my custody 😀 So things are improving steadily.

How is your battle with the juniper going?

New fan here, having binged my way from the beginning. I’m sad to see I’m already in 2016 postings, but looking forward to where this goes.

My best sibling zinger story:
Older sister, pissed about something, I forget what: “Do you actually work at being obnoxious?”
Me: “Well, not everyone has your natural talent for it.”

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