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C11P92 – Trust

C11P92 – Trust published on 9 Comments on C11P92 – Trust

Una has apparently made a remarkably positive impression. Or…the average person’s set a low bar when it comes to treating Pakku with respect. I’ll leave you to make your own conclusions.

This weekend marks the first time I’ve ever gotten rained out of a show! I drove down to Colorado Springs to celebrate Free Comic Book Day with the Escape Velocity crew. The store is pretty small, so the artists set up outside on tables in front of the store. It was windy, so I scaled back what I put out on the table. Normally I’d have a banner out behind me (banner = GIGANTIC SAIL, so nope) and a lot of prints (which would have blown away in 5 seconds) and cards set out loose (they were in bagged sets only). So I had books, card sets, and buttons on the table. It was cool, but not cold, for about the first 30 minutes. Then, it started to get really chilly. Then, the first drops of rain.

“Hey, it’s Colorado, it could blow-over, right?” I told myself. I stashed the books under the table, pulling them out for people to look at as I did free sketches for them. The buttons and card sets, stored in plastic bags, were fairly well protected. I convinced myself that it would work out. I could still sell books and buttons and – Is that hail? Oh crud that’s hail! Ahahaha heeeeyyy customer, yeah, I’m still listening to your story but I’m just gonna- pack – uh – OH THAT’S QUITE A LOT OF RAIN ISN’T IT? OH DEAR.

At this point another artist, and some of the Escape Velocity staff, ran over to my table and started desperately shoving things underneath it. I crouched under it, trying to dry off the books that got wet so they didn’t get shoved into boxes while damp, damaging other books. We finally got everything away, and I admitted to myself that maybe, juuuuust maybe, this particular show was gonna be a bust.

Still sold a book and some buttons, though, and didn’t loose any books to water damage, so I guess…qualified success?

Probably my favorite moment, before the rain came down and put an end to my part of the show, was an impromptu singing duet between me and a customer. For my free sketches, I ask if people want a monster, character, or mushroom. If they choose mushroom, I ask what their favorite thing to do is, and then try to draw a mushroom doing that activity. One woman said, “Singing!” At which point her husband insisted that she sing something, to prove that she really liked to sing.

“It’s okay, she doesn’t have to, I believe her!” I said, not wanting her to feel put on the spot. She assured me that it was all right, and after a deep breath, started singing the US National Anthem. I decided that I’d back her up, and so I joined in. Soon the two of us were belting out the Star Spangled Banner while I kept drawing away. Other people periodically chimed in (one little girl shushed her father with a “Daddy, nooooo, you can’t sing!”) but mostly it was just the two of us in a pretty lovely duet. At the end, I presented her singing mushroom drawing, completed just in time for the final note. It was a pretty magical scene.

What kind of fun or magical moments have you been a part of on a whim?


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Ahahaha! I live 20 minutes from there! I was patching the rut in the driveway from the snow storm last week, where I got stuck in my own driveway, when the rain hit. This was right after changing my car’s oil, in the wind! Haha! Quite the mess where I was, too! Welcome to Colorado!

Colorado: The state that insists on crushing any human illusions about one’s ability to control the world around one’s self. You either learn to appreciate it’s capricious, changeable nature, or go crazy at the weather changing on a dime for no discernible reason. It’s…kinda something I’ve fallen into a love/hate relationship with.

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