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C11P90 – What others say

C11P90 – What others say published on 12 Comments on C11P90 – What others say

Sooooo…Pakku’s taking this revelation…weeeellllll…


A massive THANK YOU to everyone that’s contributed to the campaign! We’re in the final two days! A reminder that unlike a Kickstarter, in an IndieGoGo campaign the goal doesn’t need to be met for the project to be made. It just really helps give the project a boost!

We’ll finish Wavemen no matter what, and contributors will absolutely get the rewards they signed up for, but the more we raise in this campaign, the faster that will be. We deeply appreciate those who have supported this project and shown faith in our story, and us as storytellers! Thank you for supporting our newest project, 8 years in the making, and our commitment to paying our artists fairly for the incredible work they do. I mean, look at the incredible detail work on these pages!


If you’d like to support the story, please click here to contribute! And, once again, THANK YOU.


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Oh Pakku, sweety. Don’t you hate meta awareness? Why am I this upset about this? This is a weird thing to freak out about! (At least like this) sooo curious what Una will say. A wry grin and quirk if the brow. She’s certainly the right person to have a “OMG I’m a freak” freak out with. If you cut back to the rest of the gang right now I might be forced to sulk sullenly.

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