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C11P85 – The Message

C11P85 – The Message published on 6 Comments on C11P85 – The Message

Is it too little too late, or is it never a bad time to try and make amends?

We had so much material from the interviews Cory and I did when filming for our Wavemen video that I decided to break them into 3 minute features covering different topics about the project.

This one is: Who is the BEST member of the Wavemen team?

We’ll also be putting together artist features, although right now I’ve managed to catch a cold which is killing my voice, so that may be a bit delayed. Illness couldn’t have picked a worse time, but it is what it is.

IndieGoGo is proving to be a much different experience than Kickstarter. I was expecting them to function very much the same, but that hasn’t been the case at all. Kickstarter usually has a massive boom the first 1-3 days and then a sudden drop that lasts until the final few days. Whereas support for the IndieGoGo has been all over the map with no clear trend emerging. On the one hand, that means anything could happen. On the other, it’s got me really, really nervous about how it’s all going to turn out.

I keep trying to think of it in terms of pages made. Episode 1 is scripted for 50 pages. Last year, since we weren’t making a new LeyLines book, we took everything we made at shows and all the work I was doing as a creative consultant, and we poured it into Wavemen. Along with a lot of love, enthusiasm, and the skill of several incredible artists. That got us to roughly half of those 50 pages. Now we need to make the second half. With IndieGoGo, we get to keep what we make, which is part of why we decided to try it instead of Kickstarter. Each $125 is a new page. If we can make it to the $3.5K point (roughly 2/3 of the goal) then we’ll have enough to pay all the artists and finish the content. That’s HUGE!

One way or another, we’re going to make Wavemen. Cory and I love this project. It represents some of our best work. Fully funding would mean saying “GO FOR IT!!” to the artists and letting them produce work as fast as they can while still maintaining a high standard of quality. I’d love to be able to do that. We’ve been working on Wavemen, quietly and with indomitable will, for eight years. It’s time to share it.

I’m especially anticipating the moment when Cory will hold this work, which he’s been dedicated to for so long, in his hands as a complete book. That will be such a magical moment. I can’t wait to see that feeling in his eyes.

Thank you to everyone that’s shared the Wavemen campaign or contributed to it. We’re so grateful for your help and your faith in us as writers and creators. I know that Wavemen is not LeyLines, which is what you’ve obviously come to this website to read, but I guarantee that Wavemen will deliver just as much depth and quality as what you’ve come to expect here. Except that it’s tempered by Cory’s ability to craft powerful, emotional, compelling scenes. Not to mention his skill at focusing a narrative to its most important pieces. Every line of the script matters. There’s nothing that doesn’t deliver on multiple levels in the storytelling. It is lean, but complete and with purpose. And then the artists come in, work their magic, and take it to an entirely new level.

I’m so proud of this story. I hope that you’ll soon have the opportunity to see why. Thank you for being here. Thank you for sharing in my journey. Thank you for making so many projects and efforts possible. It is a struggle, and goodness knows I have many days where I’m running scared, but I’ve already gotten farther than I would have dreamed possible just a few years ago. Who knows what the future will bring?


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Pakku! You’re bringing people together! I love how everyone perceives him as this totally awkward character, but because of his commitment to following the rules and being polite, he can actually interact really well with other people. It just depends on the situation.

Oh, Robin. I love it when you talk like that. (That’s why I’m a superfan. You don’t just create good work. You bring such positive energy to things as well, even when you’re struggling.)

I think Pakku sometimes does best outside of his element. He can get a little (very) over-confident when he feels like he’s The Expert In Charge. In these kinds of situations, he knows he’s not, so he backs waaaaaaaay down from assuming he knows everything and actually listens to people.

And I try! I figure I can be a gibbering wreck of anxiety in my own time. I make an effort to bring my best for my LeyLians. It doesn’t always work, but I try.

So excited for Wavemen! I am pimping it all over in hopes I can get my other weirdo friends to help out.
I too really enjoy the change of angles here and how the pan out is when he is being distant and general with this apology, but the important part we get to see his facial features. So much regret and sad, I wanna hug him if the risk of kidney stabbing weren’t so high.

Thank you so much for sharing Wavemen!! It helps SO MUCH. As just one person, my voice alone has a very limited reach. Having someone add their voice makes a huge difference. <3

Also it makes me SO HAPPY that you're seeing those little storytelling details. I've been studying cinematography techniques to apply to my comics, and this page reflects a lot of those principles being applied. When he starts the apology, he's small in his environment. Apologizing requires humility. The viewer looms over him, literally looks down on him, in the first panel. But it's distant. Impersonal. When we get to the emotional heart of his message, I zoomed us in, so we could see the expression more clearly. The potential distractions of the setting are largely removed, other than the lighting and starlight, so that we focus on his emotional state.

I'm just glad it came across the way I had planned it. 🙂

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