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C11P83 Exchange published on 7 Comments on C11P83 Exchange

If Pakku had known there was going to be a quiz, he would have studied.

Sorry for the late-morning update. Usually I update Tuesday evenings, so the page is guaranteed to be up Wednesday, but yesterday I had a headache most of the day, so when Cory got home he gave me a wonderful backrub and I fell asleep. Upside: my back feels a little better. Downside: Update is a little late.

Thank you to everyone that’s supported the Wavemen IndieGoGo so far! You are wonderful!!

And without further delay, I am going to post this! We’ll have more comprehensive blog discussions next week. Otherwise this will be late another hour with all me ramble-bloggin’!


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Oh Pakku, so innocent. Didn’t even consider charging to carry the message. Still trying to believe the Guild is pure as the driven snow.

The Guild being the pure representation of the law is part of The Rules. His internal paradigm doesn’t function if the Guild doesn’t. Which…does not bode well for Pakku’s future.

This is reminding me of what I’ve been learning in philosophy….it seems Pakku has been living in the world of Stage 1 thinking aka ‘things are true because (insert authority figure) says so’, and is just learning that might not be quite true, which generally leads to Stage 2 – ‘there is no such thing as truth, it’s all opinions’. Stage 3 is critical thinking (which clearly he at least shows with investigations, even if he hadn’t applied it more broadly yet), or ‘there is a truth, it might be hard to find but it’s there and worth pursuing’. Obviously paraphrasing the stages there. But it’ll be interesting to see Pakku moving through those stages.

It’s okay, Pakku. Sometimes things don’t work out quite right.

Also, Robin – dear lord I love the detail. The reflections of Pakku’s glowing eyes on the inside of his glasses in that extreme close-up are just…. spot-on. I love all the little hints and things you drop in to keep the continuity of your races’/species’ traits.

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