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C11P81 Creeeek published on 13 Comments on C11P81 Creeeek

SOOOO it turns out on Monday I was so tired I posted the wrong page. If you’re seeing this page for the second time, please go back one page to see what I SHOULD have posted Monday. Yeesh.

I’m going to keep this short, as my back continues to hurt like crazy. Kept waking up with either intense pain or completely numbed arms last night. Scheduled an appointment with the chiropractor, but unfortunately they can’t see me until Friday.

Hoping to be back to health next week. Take care of yourselves!


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There is…something there isn’t there? Renar looks both indulgent and kind of tender with Milan’s sulking. And the offered hand and a walk in the moonlit night for some…yea wow. Possibly kanoodling bad guys are kind of cute.
Speaking of which…Blue you poor bastard. Feelings are tough. Una is a murdering thug for hire, but dang it I want things to work out for her! No one here has a model father figure and it would be rather nice to see some one at least TRYING to make up for the past.
Kind of like the Troll King in 10th Kingdom. They might have been murderous sociopaths, but they had the most functional family in the whole show!

As much as the writer in me wants to continue being coy, the truth is even I don’t know. Renar and Milan are close. Closer than professional attachment. The exact nature of their relationship they’ve kept secret, even from me. We’ll see what evolves as I keep writing them. So at this point, anyone’s head cannon is just as valid as not. 🙂

Honestly that we immediately go to boning is more a reflection of the current culture. There really isn’t anything in the last two pages that communicates anything other than intimacy, which would just as easily be father and son or a solid platonic friendship. There are so many kinds of love in the world that don’t involve genital mashing. They’ll tell you in time, or they won’t and one or both of them will expire leaving us all in the dark.
Assuming we have most of the current cast, Pakku is going to be meddling in their plans hard core and by that point I don’t think Una will tolerate any one harming him. You are good at pulling at a thread you wove in earlier and changing things so I look forward to how all this relationship growth/pruning will affect the world at large.

We have most-ish of the cast? There are a few characters I’ve been waiting to introduce for years (and will probably have to wait another year at least) but their introductions will impact the main cast more than the secondary cast. I think. At this point I still have my center plot-point plans for the story, but the characters keep asserting themselves and I must bow to their will when they do.

I mean honestly, my headcanon has less to do with boning and more to do with emotional intimacy, AKA love rather than simply sex. Then again, I may see things differently as a gray asexual, since romantic love and sex are two very separate things for me. so it may just be my odd and probably slightly-broken worldview that doesn’t connect the two.

But your point does stand. Still, I think that part of the reason people are so willing to jump to ‘ship’ with these two is because, A, Robin is cool enough that gay characters are a likelihood in her work, and B, there just really aren’t all that many gay relationships in media at the moment, healthy or unhealthy. And most of the ones that are out there are the unhealthy kind.

I don’t think there’s anything broken about your world view. “Different than the common social narrative” and “broken” do not even live on the same street. Or city. Or state. They might not even be on the same planet.

And as I mentioned in a comment above (below?) any head cannon is equally valid because right now even I don’t know. Sometimes characters tell me things out of the blue. I don’t always build those aspects of the character into them at the start, but they emerge over time. Almost like the character and I are building trust together. An example of this is Tama, who informed me about a year ago (in a side-ways, half-joke that was actually not a joke at all, it turned out) that he was bi. Will this impact the plot? Unlikely. However, it does get absorbed into the cloth of that person, and feeds into the way they view the world.

It’s awesome how characters grow and build on themselves. As an active roleplayer, my characters for that are -constantly- surprising me. It’s always a little weird and fun to have a character tug on your sleeve and quietly confess that they have a crush on -that- person over -there- or that they are totally and completely -gay- or whatever and that half-joking tone or the oh by the way or the quiet that’s-okay-right is another way of adding depth to them because it always gives insight into how they view themselves.

Oh man someone else who loves The 10th Kingdom! Although I read the book which was based on it before I actually watched the show.

Actually I don’t remember if I actually ever finished watching the show. But the point stands. THe book at least was amazing.

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