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C11P74 – I see now

C11P74 – I see now published on 10 Comments on C11P74 – I see now

He’s putting things together. Ready to put that shoe on the other foot, Una?

I’ve been thinking a lot about a dream I had a week ago. Something about it keeps me coming back. The energy and the narrative of it. I almost want to turn it into a short story. And since it’s been a while since I shared one of my crazy weird dreams, I thought I’d post it here.

I am at a large conference, held at a hotel that has seen better days. Many, if not most, of the attendees are women. We are assigned various classes, although what classes are available, or why we should go to them, is very unclear. In my first class, the teacher approaches me and says:

“You are The Wolf. You will see The End of the world.”

At first, I do not take this very seriously.

As the days pass, many of my classmates start to exhibit strange abilities. One is compulsively driven to scratch geometric images on various surfaces, in what she calls “The Language of Spiders.” Another is surrounded by arcs of blue electricity, as though she’s constantly being visibly electrocuted, but she seems perfectly immune to the effects.

The classes themselves are less interesting. I’m told to go to a course on snails, but they overbook the room and I end up in the hallway. In another class we’re given drums, but not taught anything about how to use them. At night, we’re shepherded in a shuffling mass out of the building in absolute darkness, because the managers of the conference couldn’t afford to pay the hotel for both the daytime and nighttime, so the lights were shut off when their payment for the day ran out. When we’re on the second story we have to use the stairs to get out, entirely by feel.

The final class I take is a cupcake class, although there are neither cooking implements nor ingredients in sight. Instead, the instructor, a very nervous personality, is completely preoccupied by the rain that starts to fall outside. He keeps expressing concern about how we’d get back to our lodgings safely. Then he asks which of us has clairvoyance, but doesn’t ever provide a reason for why he is asking. Regardless, The teacher seems afraid that we would be in danger going home, but unwilling or unable to do anything about it.

Because of the rain, people are scattered going back. Some get cabs. Others run or walk in the rain. I get separated from the others and lose my way.

A man in a long black coat and a top hat notices me and offers to help. He leads me into a warren of wooden stairs and platforms up to his flat. As he opens the door, he introduces himself as either Doctor Jekyll or Mr. Hyde, telling me he’ll introduce me to his flatmate shortly. Then he steps into his lit apartment, turns around, and very pointedly turns out the lights. It becomes pitch black inside. He leaves the door open, so I can follow, but instead I leave.

I hurry up the hill, convinced I am in danger. I think of my pursuit as “a wolf” and know if he catches me, he’ll kill me.

“If I am THE Wolf,” I reason, “The only way to catch A wolf is to become one.”

Something in my mind shifts and I let myself sink into the essence of The Wolf. The world around me becomes dark, with everything in dim blocks of grey.

Except for the Wolves.

No matter the distance, I can see them. Down the hill, in the city below, their shapes burn brightly. Dozens of them. They look like glowing white chalk drawings. I know that’s how I look too, only much, much larger.

“After this,” I think to myself, “I’ll track the rest of them down too. Every single one. What better hunter to send after wolves than The Wolf herself?”

Behind me, coming up the hill, I see one wolf who is fairly close. I know this to be Mr. Hyde. He is pursuing me, although it is clear he does not know what I truly am. If he did, he wouldn’t dare follow. I lay a trail for him to track, leading to a barn near the top of the hill.

He does not expect his prey to make a trap for him.

The dream becomes hazy for a while. I know Hyde comes and I kill him. I come back to myself in the middle of a massive round mandala on the floor of the barn. It is written in his blood. At the center is his arm, but it is unclear if the limb is still attached to his body.

I know I have truly become The Wolf. Or at least taken the first step.

I wonder if the reason I will see the End of the World is that I might be the one who causes it.


Had any good weird dreams of your own lately?


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Fantastic dream! I haven’t really been remembering mine much lately…but when I do, it would generally take several pages of space to tell them, so…XD I have this problem where my dreams typically come with all the knowledge the character I enact would reasonably have. That’s a lifetime of knowledge of the world. Obviously this all starts to fade from conscious memory as soon as I start waking up – but interestingly, it still seems to be there buried in my mind, because when I like the story of one enough to write it down to maybe turn into something later, I do so with two sections – one, the storyline, and two, a notes file, with a whole pile of random bits and pieces and phrases that are keys of sorts that bring certain big chunks of info back to mind. Naturally I can only write or type so fast, so I can’t get down keys for EVERYTHING before it fades, but I generally get enough down to be able to pull up enough for fleshing out a story (because really, the amount of knowledge needed to understand a book and feel like it’s got a lot of worldbuilding is considerably less than what the average person knows from LIVING in their world, even if they can’t articulate all of it readily).

It’s definitely an interesting aspect of dreams. The amount of backstory that we just innately have, or can be spontaneously introduced. I remember having a dream where a piece of it bugged me, and in the dream I started to question it. I was a woman, but then later in the dream there was some doubt as to what my gender actually was. Part of me went, “Hey, wait, wasn’t this not the case earlier?” and the dream responded by going “WHOOPS HERE’S SOME BACKSTORY COMPRESSED INTO A MILLISECOND” and explained that in my species’ gender fluctuated and did not stabilize until one had fully come of age. Then – ZOOP! – back to the present I went, no longer questioning what had seemed odd a moment before.

Most of my dreams are either too short or too fragmented (or not remembered well enough) for telling anyone, but I did once keep a dream diary as part of a project for my Intro to Psychology class and my favorite recorded dream might be worth posting here.

In this dream my brother and I are being menaced by a terrible spirit that we encountered in an earlier dream where I was the brother. we are from a group of people who live by travelling all over in family groups and so we separate from the family to protect them from this spirit and hole up in an abandoned barn where I set up a Square of Protection. Which is made of lots of little candles set up in four lines to make a square shape that we stand inside. Apparently in that world this is normal. Nothing weird about using a square instead of a circle.

Night falls, the candles automatically light up and the spirit descends on us trying to get in. If just one of the candles goes out it will have an opening to get at us. The spirit is a shadowy amorphous thing with a deep nasty voice. It tries to blow out the candles but my magic and my will are strong and they stay lit. The spirit taunts us trying to get us mad so we will break the lines and it nearly succeeds with my brother. This contest between us and spirit goes on until I wake up. To my alarm ringing, time to get up and face the day.

That dream sounds like a really interesting and dramatic struggle. Spirits are a particularly interesting symbol in dreams to me, because they’re things that were once alive, but linger even in death. They retain power over us and their surroundings, despite the world moving on without them. It always makes me think of behaviors which I’m trying to move beyond, but can’t quite seem to shake. It sounds like you managed to keep yours at bay!

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