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C11P71 – A sacred space

C11P71 – A sacred space published on 14 Comments on C11P71 – A sacred space

I like the dialog on this page, and I had fun with the expressions, but I feel that my layout choices let the rest of the image down. Particularly the panel with Una. Technically, she’s looking towards Pakku and retaining her established position as being on the right side of the page, but… because she’s looking towards Pakku’s actual location, everything feels a little turned around. I should have found a better angle, so she could be looking left instead of right…


I look at it now and see a million ways I could have done this one better, but in many ways the webcomic experience is about recognizing mistakes and moving forward with those lessons learned, rather than going back and trying to redo something all over again. At the very least, I’ll be unlikely to make this mistake again, because I’ll always remember this page specifically. And if I hadn’t finished this page and moved on to others, I probably wouldn’t have the new level of skill now to recognize what I messed up here.

Maybe there’s some wisdom in that? Is it better to try and get something perfect, even if maybe it means not having anything at all, or is the best course to try, and make mistakes, but keep going and continue to create ever improving, if imperfect, results? Where is the balance, between high quality and progress?

And is it just when something is super cute? Is that the cut-off? I think that’s probably the cut-off… 😉


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

I think you’re over-thinking the placement thing a little. Maybe you should’ve put her on the left side to let her look right towards Pakku; as it is, the page looks great and the dialogue is what we’re really focusing on. It’s totally fine to make mistakes – after all, mistakes are how we learn and grow. If we try to get things perfect the first time, we spend so much time failing to attain perfection that we never get the chance to succeed at what we were trying to do in the first place.

….Somehow, I never realized that the new pages went up at midnight…hooray for hitting the ‘home’ button instead of the ‘back’ button after I was double checking your email XD

And poor Pakku…I feel for him….I reacted similarly when I saw that the college library had cut up the pages of old books to make Christmas decorations….SACRILEGE!!!!

As for the perfectionism thing…If you pursue that too much you never get anything done, ever, because it’s generally impossible to attain. I’ve found that two things can help – setting time limits (I’m not going to spend any more than so many hours on this piece), or getting the opinion of someone less biased/obsessed (art streams help SO much in this regard!).

They don’t always go up precisely at midnight, but I do try to get the new pages up the night before the day starts, so most people anywhere can rely on the page being up when they are.


Regarding the books made into art, I think that the fate of those books if they weren’t being used for that art would make the difference for me. such as if those books were from a mass market print run and were being remaindered and thus would have ended up in the garbage. I would be more upset at them just being thrown out than if they were put to use as part of something beautiful.

My solution for THAT is to rescue them. Wouldn’t be the first time I had some odd things added to my collection because I rescued a box of books on its way to the dumpster. And a lot of times they’re perfectly good books, just not very popular. *eyes shelf full of medieval history books acquired that way*

Baby steps, Pakku. Baby steps. (Too bad Una is the “push you in the pool to teach you to swim” kind of teacher.)

And I think setting up pages for maximum Una cuteness is an admirable benchmark.

I think the cut off is probably around where you ask yourself “would anyone really notice without me pointing it out” If only you notice it’s probably fine.

I wouldn’t call looking through a desk that could possibly lead to finding corrupt officials and political schemes “rifling with no regard” Part of me feels Pakku would be remiss to not look into the things being hidden from him.

I think Pakku would be more okay with it if it didn’t belong to a person working for The Guild. His organization is held to a higher standard…one that’s above corruption.

And it’s true, if nobody would notice without being directed to the problem, it’s definitely fine. It’s just knowing where that point actually is which is the tricky part.

Gotta say, overbearing faith in rules and regulations like this has got to be another form of madness.

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