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C11P70 – I can’t do this

C11P70 – I can’t do this published on 18 Comments on C11P70 – I can’t do this

Una is having far too much fun with this. Pakku, on the other hand, is clearly having some second thoughts. Although, to be honest, Una’s really treating the situation with kid gloves. Normally she just would have nicked Pakku’s keys, bid him adieu, and then raided the office on her own.

Why the change in modus operandi, Una?

Even she might not completely know. Although if you asked, I’m sure she’d have a quick and easy answer that would explain everything, but not actually answer a thing.


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

Of course, the answer she would give is that if she did that, he would stop working with her, and she needs his eyes and knowledge of the Guild to find what she can’t because she doesn’t know it as well. 😀

BTW, I like the switch in background color for the page, gets across the ‘nighttime’ thing quite well.

That does sound very reasonable…and thus I am very suspicious of its veracity. 🙂

I’m glad the lighting looks good! I really struggled to find something that got across the time of day, but wasn’t too dark. I’m fairly happy with the combination I managed to find.

What I really like about this dynamic is it’s a two-way street. Pakku is a character who can accept Una for who she is without judgment and offer understanding. Una pushes Pakku out of his comfort zone. Via breaking and entering, but still.

Una’s broken and entered Pakku’s way of life, his thought process, and his heart.

Let’s see if Pakku can’t do the same >:D

You clearly spent waaaay too much time staring at clouds before doing that top panel XD

As for Una’s quick and easy answer? Why obviously, that’s “because Pakku is far too fun to mess with”! Like she’d pass this up….

Also, you are tempting me to draw fanart of Una with an evil plotting face. When I told myself I wouldn’t do fanart of this comic until I could do it properly.

There is no “proper,” there is only the Now. 😉

But but but…this comic deserves GOOD fanart, not awful quickie sketches!

You forget. Webcomic creators view their creations like precious widdle babies. ANYONE that pays attention to our children is already 2000% AMAZING.

Also “good” is relative, and I suspect what’s “awful quickie sketches” to you would be wonderful to me.

That said, you gotta manage your boundaries, and I shall not push you. I aim only to encourage, not to pressure.

XD Ok, I gotta get various homework done first, but I’ll do one in the next couple days. Still going to insist on doing a PROPER fanart digital painting for this comic sometime though!

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