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C11P61 – Guess so

C11P61 – Guess so published on 22 Comments on C11P61 – Guess so

This is one of my favorite pages in this chapter. I know it’s a simple page. There aren’t impressive backgrounds or crazy action scenes. Still, it’s a moment I really love.

When I first started planning for this chapter, over a year ago, I had all sorts of crazy plans. I was going to introduce a new character specifically to form a friendship with Pakku. Which, I’ve come to learn, is a danger sign for writing. Any time a character is introduced specifically FOR another character (the Love Interest, the BFF, the Bad Guy) they tend to come out flat. Boring. Purposeless. Because, ultimately, no real PERSON exists purely for someone else. We have our own internal needs, ideas, desires, and drive.

Once I’d realized that was what was happening in my initial planning, I took a step back and asked if there was anything I could do with the (many, many, TOO MANY) cast members I already have. When the idea of putting Una and Pakku on a case together popped into my head, I knew at the very least it would be interesting. At first glance, they are so diametrically opposed. However, as I started digging into the two characters (including the interviews I did with Pakku and Una) I realized that they actually had far more in common, where it counted, than they had in opposition. They surprise each other, often in good ways. Which is, in many ways, the greatest surprise of all.

Have you ever had a friendship that was surprising to you, or to others? How did you become friends with that person?

Today’s Una songs…
Loneliest Star by Seal. I talked earlier about how this is the song I most closely associate with me pining away over Cory, before I’d admitted to myself (and to him) how I felt. I was traveling in Europe, and I listened to this song (which he’d shared with me) over and over. One of the most pressing matters on my mind was what I could get him for a present. I agonized over it. It had to be personal (but not TOO personal because we were JUST FRIENDS and STUFF) and it felt like a test I’d given myself. I debated everything from a stone I found on a beach, to some ridiculously expensive items I couldn’t afford anyway. In the end, I settled on a notebook bound in Italian leather, to show my support for his writing. A lot of our earliest bonding happened on long walks, talking about our stories. Unbeknownst to us, our friends used to take bets on how many circuits of the campus we’d make, keeping an eye on their dorm window to see how often we’d passed.

Dear Prudence, as performed by Siouxsie And The Banshees. Sometimes I just think Una should take a moment to enjoy things a little more. I think she gets a bit stuck in a bleak way of looking at the world. Sometimes it’s good to open your eyes and appreciate the simple, and beautiful, things in the world.


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

I think I’m in love with this friendship. And as I seem to have acquired the permanent shipping goggles that all fangirls seem to have these days, my head is making up adorable lovely headcanons.

Headcanon away, friend. That’s what goggles are for. Besides, there is always a chance you could be proven right in the end. Right?

XD Most of my friends are very very different from me. One of my best friends is a mathemetician who is very loving of her family, who is the sort of rock that NOTHING ruffles. I swear her defining trait is ‘serene’. Me? Everything gets to me. For a long time I thought I was the only one getting anything out of the friendship – she could always reel me back down to earth – but recently I found out that she needed me just as much to spice up her life as I needed her to calm me down.

Another good friend is the quintessential programmer – and I swear our thought patterns are polar opposites. We usually are aiming for the same points and conclusions, but our paths to get there are so alien to each other that we often think the other is horribly misguided. This comes right down to how we define words. Happily, we both love a good debate, and so we work out our misunderstandings in that fashion – usually to find we’d been arguing the same side all along! And in the process, we have to fully define our opinions to ourselves, which gives us both a clearer understanding of who we are.

So…yeah, friends who seem like opposites is not a strange concept to me XD Without that complementary nature in a relationship, it’s hard to find anything you’d DO for each other. It’s the parts we’re missing that we need.

You describing your friendships made me think about how much Cory and I have learned from each other. I’m all about the goals, he’s all about the journey. I make choices with my feelings first, whereas he prioritizes logic. We even write drastically differently, with his strength on the big emotional moments, and my approach being very sequential. Learning how to work together, whether that’s adapting a skill set from the other person, or letting the one person do what they’re best at while the other takes a support role, has helped both of us grow. That’s what the best kinds of friendships can do.

I love the second panel of this comic. It reminds me that Pakku is short. (or Una is tall, i can’t recall…i think pakku is relatively short)

Both statements are true. Pakku is one of the shortest characters, and Una one of the tallest. Which makes the height difference between them rather significant. Which…makes me happy when I’m drawing. It’s the little things in life…pun intended.

You know when he doesn’t try he’s rather good at this Peopling stuff. Maybe he overthinks it? It too love the glasses peeking over the bottom of the panel. It’s a great indication of the height difference.

It wouldn’t surprise me if anxiety crept in when dealing with most people. That, and he’s typically very “to the point”. Not everybody deals well with people being blunt. I think Una mostly finds it refreshing…especially since she rarely speaks that way herself.

My brother, while he was growing up, was pretty much chaos incarnate. He became best friends with someone who hated chaos. They started out hating each other, and then somehow became friends. They’ve been really good for each other, but I still can’t figure out how they became friends in the fist place.

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