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C11P60 – Lady Una?

C11P60 – Lady Una? published on 9 Comments on C11P60 – Lady Una?

I really love drawing Pakku running. He runs like the highest priority is not speed, but keeping his hat on his head.

I don’t know if anybody has ever chased after Una before. In fact, I’m pretty sure nobody has. She’s used to dramatically storming away and licking her wounds alone. I wonder how she’ll do with this new experience?

When I was growing up, my mother would often talk about people “just knowing” when something was wrong. She’d get a phone call out of the blue from someone at just the right time, or somebody would show up exactly when they were needed. I always thought it was like some kind of amazing psychic power. I kept wondering when my abilities would kick in, but they never did. I was always on my own.

By college, I had accepted that those kinds of stories weren’t going to happen to me. I remember, in my first summer there, a big rain storm hit the town. I was alone in my dorm room, feeling like I was falling apart. I don’t remember what was wrong, but I do remember being utterly heart-broken and crying. In those days, crying almost never happened. For most of my teens and early twenties, I couldn’t cry even when I wanted to. I’d just feel that sorrow inside and want to have the cathartic release of tears, but they’d get stuck in my chest and burn there. So whatever it was, it must have been bad, for them to get past that wall. I remember thinking, so clearly, that in one of those stories of my mother, this is when that unexpected call would come…but that such a call would never happen for me.

Suddenly, there was the clatter of a pebble on my window.

And there was Cory, outside in the rain, asking if he could come in.

Have you ever had a friend show up at just the right time?

Today’s Una Songs
Katie Cruel by VOCO. This version is live, which is a little different than the one I have in my actual playlist. I think this song speaks a bit to a cycle that Una’s seen a lot, which is at first people don’t know what to make of her, but they get along. Then…well, they try to change her, and she won’t.

Changing by Saosin. A song which actually flows pretty well from Katie Cruel. This is the moment when whatever tenuous bonds were formed all start fall apart. And, in Una’s mind, it’s just better to cut one’s losses and go, before it gets ugly.


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It’s funny; I tend to drift in and out of peoples lives as they need me and it happens subconsciously. But the reverse never seems to happen to me.
I’m not sad or upset over it, just a funny observation.
Maybe I haven’t really *needed* anyone yet, and it just felt that way. Who knows?

That sounds like a super-power to me. Being in the right place at the right time. Wish the same were true for you in turn. Although, in my own experience, that’s only happened once. So maybe we shouldn’t read anything into it. Maybe it’s all just coincidence. Just, sometimes, coincidence is happy.

That’s really sweet! Can’t say I’ve ever had that sort of thing happen to me, though. It might just be because I’ve a tendency to clam up and turn into a hermit when things are bad.

Also just have to say how happy I am that Leylines is back, too! It left a Dreameater – shaped hole in my heart for far too long. I hold you personally accountable for my suffering! XD

Sounds like your mother had a pretty good handle on that thing we call the narrative. Because of extreme poverty and abuse early in my life, I’ve had many instances of having someone be there just when I needed them the most. Strangely, it was often some kind of predator. But there were also the extremely kind and generous people who would put me back on track again, and give me hope that I could make it through one more day without… you know, ending it all.
And I just need to say, Robin, that I was delighted that your moment turned out to be Cory. It may have only happened once, but it was the absolute bestest! What a team! <3

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