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C11P56 – No Choice

C11P56 – No Choice published on 27 Comments on C11P56 – No Choice


I am so very excited to be back! So much has changed in the past months and while there is much about my life that remains uncertain, I am exceptionally hopeful for 2016.

I have started doing my Creative Consulting full-time, and I LOVE working with my clients to help them realize their own dreams. There are so many amazing stories out there, waiting to be brought into the world, and I’m honored to be a small part of helping them live up to their full potential. Cory has found a job which, while it has its own challenges, is a better fit and has brought some stability to our situation. I’m so grateful to have someone that believes in our dream the way he does. Thank you so much, beloved of mine, for your support and faith.

Speaking of pursuing dreams, This year Cory and I also made a lot of progress on a story we’ve been developing for over five years, called Wavemen. It’s based on Japanese myths and history. Which is part of why we’re looking to hire artists of Japanese descent to work on the project. Cory grew up with these stories, and he has a personal connection to them. We’d like the people we work with to also have a connection to the history and legends, and we also want to be respectful of the culture and people connected to it. SO IF YOU ARE AN ARTIST OF JAPANESE DESCENT AND YOU’RE INTERESTED IN WORKING WITH CORY AND I…Please check out the project here! (If you’re not an artist and/or of Japanese descent, you’re welcome to check out the project too. I’m just trying to be actively encouraging to the artist folk.)

I’d also like to extend special thanks to the people who have supported me through this long break on Patreon. Your comments on my weekly vlogs and the constant encouragement were a life-line through the strange ups and downs of this hectic time. And because of you, this return comes with 45 pages of buffer, completing chapter 11 and starting chapter 12. This will keep updates stable and reliable for a long time to come. So a heart-felt THANK YOU, and I hope you enjoy the continued vlogs, process posts, and the new Creator Corner videos.

Thank you also to Eren and Noel for being editors and consultants on this chapter. They both have wonderful webcomics of their own, which I highly recommend you check out!

Noel’s comic is Ignition Zero, which they gorgeously render in wonderful watercolors. As for the story, to quote from their page:


Ignition Zero is an urban fantasy comic about a group of friends who get mixed up with faeries and spirits! It takes place in the fictitious city of Glory, Maryland in the fall of 2011, and covers the adventure Robbie, Orson, Neve, and Martin have with their friend, a spirit they call Ivory. Only Ivory–and those they’ve been defending her from–may not be what she seems. There isn’t always a clear right or wrong side to a story…

The cast of Ignition Zero is largely queer-identified in some way, and there is definitely some adorable queer romance involved in the story! However, this is not a story about being queer or all that can entail. It is simply an urban fantasy story with a diverse cast, and anyone regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity should be able to identify with them!

Eren’s comic is Tamuran, which he co-creates with Chezhnian. Also utilizing natural media, his lovely pencil work adds to a rich and lovely setting.


When the dark sorcerers of the land of Inikis were defeated in the Battle of Souls, their country was broken off from the continent and their evil was sealed away. Nine hundred years later, the seal is deteriorating, the magics to maintain it have long since passed from memory, and the sorcerers have had nine centuries to prepare their revenge…

His home thrown into chaos, the young heir of Tamuran must carry a message far through the wilds of his country if he is to have any hope of saving his kingdom and his people. But though the sorcerers’ power is rapidly consuming all the land, the heir soon finds that the legacy of his own ancestors may be just as deadly as any Inikan magic, and even his chosen protectors must face problems of their own…

I’m sure you’ve noticed things are looking a little differently around here. It’s all thanks to C.A. Morgan for updating the site design! We’re still figuring out a few of the bugs here and there (and if you run into anything, let me know so we can fix it) but I’m very excited by the new look. I’ve also updated the Archive and Cast pages for the occasion. C.A. Morgan also has a great webcomic, called The Dracko Universe Graphic Novel, or TDUGN for short. The art of the backgrounds alone in this comic amaze me with their detail.


Forced to leave her home by her guardian, a young girl by the name of Moira ends up in the custody of the Mira, respective leaders of the Draga Empire.

Her arrival happens unexpectedly, several years after the deaths of four other imperial leaders at the hands of a defector: Rayen d’Lecroix, and his anti-imperial faction.

However, suspicions are raised when Moira claims to be from Aerde, a place that does not exist.

With doubts cast upon Moira’s origin, the surviving Mira reluctantly unite to help her, unknowing what waits in store.

And finally, thank YOU for coming back, person reading this. I hope you continue to enjoy this story and share it with your friends. It was a long break, but I think the story, and my skill in telling and drawing it, benefited greatly from the time away.

I feel like there’s a bajillion things to tell you about, and I’ve already gone on and on in this post. Perhaps we’ll just have to catch up as we go? Seems like the thing to do.

How has your life changed since we last chatted? What are you looking forward to in 2016?


Children visit this site. Moderate your language accordingly.

So glad your break was productive and full of great people supporting your art! looking forward to more leylines this year. Last I commented I was in school but as of Dec 2015 I officially am done with my dental assisting program and am taking state and national boards. Hoping that’s a start to a good 2016. welcome back!

Yaaaay, I’m so glad you’re back! I love the new site design, and thank you so much for featuring IZ a little in your blog note here :)!

Robin has returned! Huzzah! Commence with the great story-telling and inevitable cliffhangers!
Got through my first semester of college while Ley Lines was on break, working on my Creative Writing degree, but I still enjoy coming back and reading through this and my other favorite webcomics when the work load eased off. 😀
Good to know you’re doing well, and I hope the projects and jobs proceed as planned for you and Cory both!

Welcome back, LeyLines! It makes me happy to know that things have stabilized somewhat for you and Cory, Robin. I’m looking forward to more good stuff on your Patreon, too. <3
Things are still a bit up in the air for me here, though my energy is improving enough to finally be able to put my house in order –literally! I've spent the first week of 2016 decluttering and reorganising my home and workspace. I'm so grateful to finally have the energy to do so!
I'm starting the New Year off right with my own graphic novel by taking my time, not going overboard trying to do more than I can handle, and getting the best consultant available on my team (that's you, Robin, of course). ;`)
I think I had a bit of a breakthrough in December when I realised that I really need to leave an empty space in my life for the unexpected. Poopy things happen; unexpected good things happen too. And if we're already filled to overflowing with plans and obligations, things can rapidly go spinning out of control. (Story of my life. Heh.)
So yeah, I've been gathering the threads together to get off hiatus and back to working again on Aedre's Firefly in February, and putting my house, my workspace, my Patreon, and my websites in order so that can be accomplished with a minimum of stress. A good way to start a New Year.
C.A.Morgan has been exceptionally kind and helpful to me, rescuing my website from beyond the brink of disaster, and in the process of building me a new one for when I bring Aedre back. You are in the best hands there.
If I'm remembering correctly this is the first year I've felt truly hopeful for a very long time and that in large part comes from working with you in 2015. Let's keep the hope and the good work flowing for the rest of 2016 and beyond.

I’ve often said that a stranger could tell my stress level by the cleanliness of my house. The worse I feel, the worse it looks! I know some people clean when they’re stressed, but it sounds like you and I are somewhat similar. I just don’t have the energy for it when I’m worn out, even if setting things in order might make me feel a little better.

You make an excellent point about leaving an empty space for the unexpected. I’ve been listening to a book called “Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking” by Malcolm Gladwell. There is a chapter that talks about the power of leaving space for the things we don’t know, and the events we can’t anticipate. It’s good to make plans and gather data, but there is a time and place for those things. Before the action starts, when there’s space for the brain to absorb it all, plans and data can be very useful. However, once events are kicked off and things get chaotic, the brain is less and less able to effectively utilize that kind of material. Instead, allowing the gut to make snap decisions, based on only the most crucial, big-picture inputs, is often far superior in outcome than attempting to force an over-taxed mind to process the constantly changing minutiae of a chaotic system.

The book used a war exercise to illustrate the point, but I think that the same view-point could be applied to any chaotic time or series of events. The holiday season being one of them. Or plans for the year, or a quarter, versus trying to adapt to events as they actually occur. It is good to plan, but also good to give room for things to go in unexpected ways, and to be okay with letting things go off book. We often have our most joyful discoveries that way, provided we can work WITH that moment and not against it!

I’m excited for an excellent 2016 too! We can do it, Jande!!

Yay! You’re back you’re back you’re back!!

I love the new site design! Congrats on the thick buffer, and the increased stability in your life. I hope the challenges in Cory’s new job are overcome.

Belated welcome back! I had been thinking the return was February, not January…glad I dug through my emails to doublecheck ^_^() It’s good to see you sounding so fired up about things again!

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